Here’s How to Watch the Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter Tonight (Sept. 11)

by Tia Bailey

Head outdoors tonight and check out the sky, because something beautiful is in store. Here’s how to watch the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter.

Conjunction is the word for when the two “will make a close approach to each other in the sky sharing the same right ascension.” Both Jupiter and the moon will be visible, and they will be seen in front of the constellation Pisces. shares how to best see the event tonight:
“The moon will pass to within around one degree to the south of Jupiter in the evening sky and both objects will be visible in front of the constellation of Pisces. From New York, the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter will appear from around 8:37 p.m. ET (0037 GMT on Sept. 12) at around seven degrees above the eastern horizon. (A fist at arm’s length equals roughly 10 degrees in the sky.)

At around 1:57 a.m. ET (0547 GMT) on Sunday (Sept. 12), the conjunction will reach its highest point in the sky  —  49 degrees above the southern horizon. The moon-Jupiter conjunction will continue to be visible until around 6:13 a.m. ET (1013 GMT) at which time they will both disappear in the dawn twilight at around 19 degrees above the western horizon. “

The website notes that a telescope will not be your best bet, but instead binoculars or even the naked eye.

Famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted about the event, writing: “When you admire the Full Moon late this evening, look nearby on the sky and notice a very bright star. If you wished on it, and your wishes did not come true, it’s because that ‘star’ is planet Jupiter. After the Sun & Moon, the brightest object in the sky this month.”

September Harvest Moon Stuns the Internet

The moon has been exceptionally beautiful recently, with the Harvest Full Moon making people talk. People have been taking to Twitter to share the gorgeous photos of the yellowed moon, putting everyone in the fall spirit.

The Twitter account for the historic Stonehenge shared a photo of the moon, writing: “The 2022 Harvest Full Moon rising over Stonehenge last night Photo courtesy of Stonehenge Dronescapes #harvestc#moonc#fullmoon.”

A Twitter user even cited the moon as something nice to look forward to this fall. They wrote: “list of nice things 4 u: the first gust of wind that feels like autumn has arrived, little decorative ceramic pumpkins, the spindly outline of tree branches at dusk, a bright harvest moon, the scent of a neighbor’s chimney smoke, warm apple cider, leaves falling as you walk home.”

It’s safe to say that the sky has put very many in the fall mood with how beautiful it is.