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Heroic Family Dog Kills Pack of Coyotes to Defend Sheep

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Teresa Otto

This family’s dog deserves all the treats. In an amazing feat, a family’s dog, cutely named Casper, heroically saved a flock of sheep after a pack of coyotes went after them.

Like many other Great Pyrenees, Casper is trained to herd and protect the flock at his home in Decatur, Georgia. According to John Wierwille, Casper’s owner, a pack of coyotes came onto the property early last month.

Despite Wierwille’s best efforts to keep them away, they returned. This time, they entered the sheep’s pen. Immediately, Casper did what he was supposed to do.

Casper fought the coyotes for half an hour to keep the sheep safe— even killing a few of them. However, he was far from done. He went after the rest of the pack. By the end of it, he had killed eight of the 11 coyotes.

Despite his herculean effort, Casper didn’t come out unscathed. His owners had to take him to their local vet, where they performed several surgeries on him. According to the veterinary team that took care of him, he was in “bad, bad condition” when his owner brought him into the office.

“He’s lucky to be alive,” said Dr. Susan Brosman with LifeLine Animal Project. The team said Casper, who is also just 20 months old, suffered severe wounds to his back and neck.

Vet team saves dog after he heroically protects sheep, calls him a ‘hero for sure’

In addition, he also lost his tail. When his owners found him, it was two days after the attack. “He looked like death. I mean he looked terrible,” said Wierwille about finding him. “He came back home and he just kind of looked at me like, ‘boss stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me.'”

Dr. Brosman, Casper’s vet, said his recovery was a “miracle.” Despite this, he’s set to make a full recovery. “He’s a hero for sure,” Dr. Brosman called him, noting that she’d never seen anything as severe as this.

Maisie Hale, who also assisted with Casper’s care, said one of his wounds was nearly a foot long and six-eight inches wide.

“It was a big flesh wound, like it was gone, skin’s gone,” she said. “Looked like maybe a coyote grabbed hold of the skin and just peeled it right off. Then I saw his neck wound and it was the same thing, flesh taken off… I was like, ‘what am I gonna do?'”

Thankfully, they avoided an infection, and he now has a proper skincare regimen that’s made him improve significantly.

Casper’s team also revealed that the total costs for Casper’s recovery are estimated to be between $15,000-$20,000. However, an online fundraiser started by his owner quickly raised that and more.