‘Highly Agitated’ Nude Man Arrested After Harassing and Threatening New Hampshire Hikers

by Sean Griffin

A “highly agitated” nude man was arrested in New Hampshire last Saturday after threatening hikers, according to officials.

The incident occurred in the state’s White Mountains region. Authorities received the first report of the behavior around 5:50 pm. The man’s strange behavior took place at the Zealand Falls Hut in the Bethlehem area.

Apparently, officials hiked nearly three miles to get to the hut. There, they found a naked 35-year-old man on the roof of the hut. After more than an hour, they got the man onto the ground from the roof. Then, they brought him back to the trail and took him into custody. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident.

Zealand Falls Hut is similar to the Barr Camp found on Colorado’s Pikes Peak. It offers shelter and food to guests in the area. The Zealand Falls hut is one of the High Huts of the White Mountains, considered family-friendly thanks to its lower altitude and relatively easy accessibility.

The High Huts of the White Mountains are maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Hikers can reserve overnight bunks at the huts, which hold from 36 to 96 people each. They offer full service from June through mid-September, serving dinner and breakfast.

New Hampshire Hiker Found Dead After Going Off Trail

Locals near Franconia State Park in New Hampshire reported the loss of a hiker who died while exploring Cannon Mountain. Officials have yet to reveal the name or age of the male; however we know the victim did not survive the fall he took.

According to the report, the man traveled up Cannon Mountain on a tram on Saturday with two other visitors. Apparently, the group had planned to walk around the summit before heading back down on the tram. Instead, however, they changed plans and decided to walk down.

According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the group also decided to hike down off-trail and ended up following what the hikers believed to be a ski trail. Along the way, one of the group members slipped on an area that was “rocky, wet and steep.”

He then fell off the edge of the slope and landed at the bottom of the waterfall, officials report.

Following the tragic incident, they transported his body to a funeral home in Littleton, New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division released more information on the recovery effort of the hiker.

“First responders were able to hike to the coordinates 911 had provided and found a deceased male at the bottom of a waterfall. Conservation Officers and members of the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team brought him to the tram parking lot arriving at approximately 3:35 pm. He was transported by Ross Funeral Home to Littleton, NH. The name of the hiker will not be released at this time due to next of kin notification.”