Hiker in Critical Condition After Plunging 150 Feet From Hawaii Trail

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Karla Balagso / EyeEm

A hiker is in critical condition after falling off a hiking trail in Hawaii on Sunday. According to reports, the fall occurred on the Olomana trail in Windward Oahu. Per reports from the Honolulu Fire Department, a group of people was hiking between the second and third peaks when a man plummeted 150 feet. The department later said they received an emergency call just past 4:40 p.m. and then worked to create a landing zone at the Maunawili Neighborhood Park.

Later, a rescue crew located the injured hiker and airlifted him to a hospital. The others in his group were also airlifted to safety. He was later transferred to Honolulu Emergency Medical Services, where they used advanced life-saving measures to treat the hiker and transport him to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Officials said the two other hikers he was with didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

“It’s a very dangerous trail to hike on and again it’s unfortunate that this hiker actually fell and slipped about 150 feet,” said HFD Battalion Chief Carlton Yamada after the incident.

Currently, officials have not released what caused the man to fall so many feet.

Now, the local fire department is advising hikers to assess the difficulty of trails and know the route before taking off, emphasizing that hikers need to not just rely on social media to get the required information about a trail.

Hawaiian trail described as ‘pretty steep,’ says only ‘experienced climbers’ should attempt

According to the trail’s website, it’s a 2.5-mile hike, which will take roughly two hours to complete. During the intermediate-intense hike, you’ll climb over 1600 feet of a craggy dirt trail.

“The Olomana trail is a vertical hike to the top of Olomana’s “Three peaks,” the description for the trail states. “The trail begins past the entrance to the Royal Hawaiian Golf Course on Loop Rd. The guard is friendly and will let you walk past the entrance. Look for the trailhead on the mountainside of the road marked by signs.”

It continues: “The hike gets pretty steep and doesn’t stop to you reach the 1st peak. This trail requires moderate rock climbing. The 2nd and 3rd peaks should only be attempted by those who are experienced climbers.”

Earlier this year, a man didn’t get out so lucky. In April, the man fell to his death on the same trail. Rescuers first received a 911 call about an injured hiker on the trail just before 11 a.m.

According to the caller, the 30-year-old hiker was walking near the third peak on the Olomana Trail when he fell approximately 250 feet off the Makai side of the trail. Sadly, the man was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS just after noon.