Hiker Found Dead, 3 Others Injured on Arizona Trail

by Amy Myers

On August 26, Mohave County officials recovered one deceased and three injured hikers on a Sara Park trail near Lake Havasu City.

Yesterday, at roughly 2:30 p.m., the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office called upon the local fire department to aid in the search of four lost individuals who had gone hiking earlier that day in the community park. Among the group were a 63-year-old female, a 61-year-old male, a 31-year-old male and a 27-year-old female. According to the official report, the hikers had become dehydrated during their trek and were unable to continue the journey back to the trailhead. Out of water, the group was showing increasingly alarming symptoms of dehydration and heat exhaustion. The hikers, themselves, actually called for help and waited for teams to arrive.

Soon, the Lake Havasu City fire department as well as search and rescue teams arrived on the scene to locate the compromised hikers. Thankfully, they located the 63-year-old female, 61-year-old male and 27-year-old female who were all in a severe state of dehydration.

However, that meant the 31-year-old male was still missing. According to the remainder of the group, he had left the group behind to continue towards the trailhead, likely looking for help. Unfortunately, he was in no condition to keep moving.

“As Search and Rescue arrived on scene, the use of hiking teams, biking teams and vehicle teams were deployed along the extensive trail system at Sara Park performing a route and location search,” the release from the Sheriff’s Office read. “Both Western Air Rescue (Kingman DPS Ranger) and Central Air Rescue (Phoenix DPS Ranger) helicopters searched from the air, as well as inserted and extracted search teams in the search area. The search continue through the night and ended about midday Saturday (8/27).”

Rescue Crews Locate Fourth Hiker in Desert Wilderness

After a strenuous search in the Arizona heat, rescue personnel located the final member of the hiking group “off the marked trail system in the desert wilderness.”

“They were visiting Sara Park from out of town and unfamiliar with the increased danger of hiking in the heat of the day and the challenging trail system during the summer,” the release added.

The Sheriff’s Office also extended its sympathies to the family of the deceased hiker.

“Our condolences are with his family,” the office wrote. “Please respect their privacy during this time.”

Medical officials transported two of the three injured hikers for immediate medical care. They took the third back to the Command Post.

Fellow Arizona Hiker Dies While Exploring Grand Canyon Off-Trail

Sadly, the death of the 31-year-old hiker near Lake Havasu City wasn’t the only recent death Arizona officials have seen on their trails.

On Friday, park rangers responded to a call about a fallen hiker near the Bright Angel Point Trail at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

According to the report, the 44-year-old unnamed man was hiking off-trail when he fell 200 feet from the rim.