Hiker Fractures Tibia After Falling on Trail, Requires Helicopter Evac

by Alex Falls
massimo colombo / Getty

The mountains of Italy are stunning places to take a hike. But as with any hiking trail in the world, there can be many dangers if you’re not careful. Trieste is a port city in Northern Italy known for its hiking areas. One unlucky woman had to be rescued by a helicopter Sunday morning after falling from a high altitude.

After reaching a height of more than 1600 meters, the woman fell into a wooded area and broke her tibia. Her husband was with her during the fall. Unable to reach her himself, he rushed to the closest refuge area to call for help. The area was remote and had no cell phone coverage. The manager of the property then called local rescue company Nue112 who dispatched a helicopter rescue.

The teams combined with the Valcellina Alpine Rescue station went together with the firefighters. After setting up base camp to properly prepare for helicopter support, the medical team orchestrated the rescue mission that hoisted the rescuer directly onto the spot where the woman was injured with a 60-meter winch.

While waiting for the helicopter to arrive, two hikers made their way to where the woman was injured and remained with her until rescuers arrived. Once the woman finally made it aboard the rescue chopper, she was stabilized by the doctor and nurse on board. She was immediately brought to a local medical facility where she’s expected to make a full recovery.

Another Helicopter Rescue in Colorado

The mountains of Colorado also feature majestic views that people from all over the world come to take in. But these trails are also just as dangerous as those in Italy.

Last week, a couple who regularly enjoy outdoor adventures together were making their way up Mt. Princeton. The difficult trail features a rocky path but comes with a big payoff with a stunning view. While it doesn’t require any technical climbing skills, the uneven terrain combined with the high altitude makes it all too easy to trip.

Even though they’re skilled outdoors people, they found themselves in scary territory. The male hiker suffered an injury to his leg just before they reached the summit. Trapped at more than 14,000 feet high, the injured hiker’s wife was able to contact the local search and rescue efforts who embarked on another helicopter rescue.

Rescuers had an even more difficult task with this rescue. This particular mountain range is known to bring intense storms. And just as rescue efforts began, a storm started to roll its way in.

But the helicopter was able to make it just as two kind hikers helped the injured man make it down to a safe landing zone. They successfully treated the hiker’s injuries and transported him and his wife to a local medical facility.