Hiker Rescued From Missouri Trail After Suffering ‘Medical Issue’

by Samantha Whidden
hiker-rescued-missouri-trail-after-suffering-medical-issue 1
. (Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images)

A rescued hiker is recovering after suffering a medical issue at the bottom of a trailhead in Missouri’s Lakeside Forest over the weekend. 

KY 3 reports that Branson, Missouri Battalion Chief, Josh Boehm, revealed that the rescue of the hiker was difficult because the hiker was located at the base of about 200 steps that zig zag back and forth up a hill. Upon making contact with the hiker, Branson firefighters placed them into a stokes basket and used a rope-lowering system to move the hiker to the fire department’s water rescue boat. 

As the rescue continued, firefights used the boat to take the hiker upstream to the Cooper Creek Access. This was where Taney County Ambulance District paramedics were able to the hiker and transport them to a local hospital. Boehm stated the firefighters have updated pre-plans for all parks and hiking trails in the city. This is in order to identify access points to assist those lost and injured. 

“One of the biggest takeaways is this is a recreation area, a wooded area right in the middle of city limits,” Boehm explained. “People view that as I am not out in the remote wilderness, but you kind of are. Our tools really change. We use stokes baskets, rope systems, GPS units because it’s really hard to articulate where you are, particularly if people go off trail.”

Boehm went on to add that it is important for hikers to travel in pairs as well as have plenty of water, and a cell phone to call for help if needed.

Search & Rescue Team Rescues Hiker in Colorado Engineer Pass Over the Weekend 

Also over the weekend, the search and rescue team from Hinsdale County, Colorado rescued a hiker who ran into some trouble near the top of Engineer Pass. The incident occurred on Sunday (October 23rd). 

The Ouray News revealed that 69-year-old Barrie Bloom was reported missing near Bear Creek Trail and Engineering Pass on Sunday after. The alert for the hiker was sent out at approximately 2:40 p.m. Ouray Mountain Rescue Team Capt. Ruth Stewart shared that Bloom had texted his girlfriend around 8 a.m. He told her that he might need some help and asked her to contact the Sheriff’s Office. However, his message said not to contact the search and rescue team yet, Stewart said. 

Mountain Rescue teams reportedly began hiking the Bear Creek Trail and driving up Engineer Pass. The team headed towards Bloom’s last known GPS location. Around 2:45 p.m., a new GPS location indicated he had moved uphill and away from the hikers. Stewart also stated that Bloom had trigged an SOS alert on his communication device. “That gave us evidence that he was moving, and that hiking was no longer the best way to reach him.”

OMRT contacted the San Juan County Search and Rescue Team. Hinsdale County Search and Rescue Director Keith Chambers was also notified. At around 8 p.m., the teams were finally able to reach Bloom and rescue the hiker.