This Historic Yellowstone National Park Hotel Is Over 100-Years-Old and a Must-See

by Shelby Scott
Yellowstone National Park: General view of the Old Faithful Inn at the Yellowstone National Park. Undated photograph.

There’s tons to see at Yellowstone National Park— geysers and hot springs, loads of wildlife, and just the landscape overall. However, amid the park’s boundaries is a historic hotel, more than 100 years old, and it’s an absolute must-see.

Called the Old Faithful Inn, MSN reports the long-standing hotel was built a century ago. Builders used locally sourced logs and stone to construct the inn Aside from its age, the Old Faithful Inn is also remarkable as it’s considered the largest log structure in the world. Footage captured by a wildlife photographer named Julia and posted to TikTok takes in the vast space within the inn.

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Per Julia’s TikTok, Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn was completed in 1904. The inn was also a novel at the time because it featured electricity.

Today, the big draw is the inn’s soaring lobby space and the massive fireplace that runs floor to ceiling. In addition, the Yellowstone National Park attraction also boasts a more-than-century-old handcrafted metal clock. The large clock that still tells time to this day.

Inside the inn, high above the main lobby, there lies a crow’s nest. The crow’s nest was closed to the public more than half a century ago after an earthquake made it structurally unsound. However, it’s still a prominent feature at the inn. In its heyday, the crow’s nest served to support the orchestra. Inn employees turned the lobby into a dance floor each night.

Yellowstone National Park visitors took to the comments, speaking about the inn’s architecture and durablilty.

“It’s an exceptionally cool building,” one viewer commented. “They did a good job with designing buildings in Yellowstone.”

Yellowstone National Park Fire Danger Drops to Moderate

Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn is remarkable for its design for sure, but its durability plays another factor in its fame as well. Each year, the iconic national park is threatened by increasingly hotter, more dangerous wildfires. Yet every year, the inn manages to survive the recurring blazes.

On Monday, Yellowstone National Park officials dropped the local fire danger to moderate despite that there’s currently one wildfire still burning.

Moderate fire danger is distinguished by a blue label. Per the National Park Service (NPS), moderate fire danger means some wildfires may be expected. They advise local populations to be aware of moderate flame length and rate of spread. Moderate fire danger at the national park also means that control of any potential blazes shouldn’t be too difficult and light to moderate mop-up should be expected.

Yellowstone National Park said in a media release to Outsider, “Currently, there are no fire restrictions in place or planned for the park.”