Hog Wild: Texas Pigs Raise Huge Safety Concerns for Local Residents

by Emily Morgan

It’s safe to say things got hog wild in a Texas town. Recently, residents had to do a double take when they spotted several wild hogs running through a neighborhood.

Ross Martinez, a life-long Texan, said he’d never seen anything like it. Later, his dog rounded up the two wild hogs in a nearby field. Martinez and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) suspect the area’s dry conditions caused the surprise intruders to make a pit stop in the small town.

“All wild animals are trying to find food and water sources,” Game Warden Lerrin Johnson said after the incident. “We are all feeling this drought as well as all of these animals. So, they are popping up in some of the strangest places.”

Additionally, she added that taller, greener grass also attracts hogs as a place to look for find roots and bugs.

“You know with these drought conditions this is like a real problem now man,” said Martinez. “So, the city has to figure out what they’re gonna do the more often these pigs start coming out because this isn’t just a one-off. This is gonna be a regular occurrence now with these drought conditions.”

Texas Game Warden suspects wild hogs weren’t actually wild at all

Martinez revealed he called animal care services, but they told him their office didn’t handle these cases. As a result, he went to TPWD, who later told him someone would get back to him.

According to Johnson, TPWD also doesn’t handle instances with wild hogs because they don’t have the equipment or ability to capture the hogs. However, she suggested some people go after hogs privately.

“There are quite a few that will trap hogs for hire or some that may just do it because they want to utilize the hog meat themselves,” she said.

Per Johnson, if you’re brave enough, you can also try scaring the wild hogs away with loud noises. She also added that it’s a misconception that wild hogs will attack someone unprovoked.

“All animals can feel threatened at some point,” she said. “Just like if someone was attacking us we would attack back. So yeah, if you were going crazy going after them they may feel threatened especially if they get cornered. But the probability is that hopefully they’re going to run off.”

Currently, there are no regulations on hunting hogs. However, Johnson noted you need to obtain hunter education for whatever and wherever you are hunting.

As for the hogs running amuck in the Texas neighborhood, Johnson believes these hogs might be domesticated. However, after seeing how the hogs interacted with the dogs, she thinks they’re not wild, meaning someone may have lost their pet hogs.