Honolulu Divers Receive Citation for Illegal Fishing After Attempt to Evade Officers

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: by wildestanimal

Officials recently cited two Honolulu divers after they were seen illegally fishing in a restricted area off the Waikiki coast.

After two officers with the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) followed up on a tip, they began monitoring the divers in the Waikiki Fisheries Management Area (FMA). According to officials, night diving is prohibited in the FMA daily from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

While closely watching the divers, the officers learned they had noticed them. The men then attempted to avoid contact by turning off their dive lights and staying just offshore. However, later, DOCARE officers found the divers, 42-year-old Alvin Lucio and 36-year-old Rettios Rouk. They were stopped and inspected.

After further investigation, officers learned that Lucio and Rouk had 32 fin fish, including three undersized Kala. Unfortunately, the men caught all the fish illegally. They were later given citations for prohibited night diving within the Waikiki FMA, taking and possessing undersized Kala, and diving without a required diver flag.

DOCARE also seized both the diver’s diving equipment as evidence. The divers will later appear in Honolulu District Court on Nov. 25.

Similarly, Hawaiian officers also confiscated more than 1,000 feet of lay net and two small boats from a man near the Ahu o Laka sandbar in Kaneohe Bay.

The Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement officers also received a tip on Friday morning. They observed a 34-year-old Kaneohe man towing two boats into the water. According to a news release from the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, he was reportedly attempting to retrieve an illegal fishing net.

Welsh anglers reel in massive bluefin tuna

Officers located the man when he came to shore and cited him. They also confiscated the boats and the net, where “a lot” of fish were caught, as evidence. The man is also set to appear in Kaneohe District Court on Nov. 3.

Across the world in Wales, two anglers recently reeled in what’s considered the largest fish ever caught in Welsh waters. Simon Batey and Jason Nott made the remarkable catch off the Pembrokeshire coast.

They were returning from a fishing trip in the Irish Sea and were nearly 30 miles off the west Wales coast when they caught the Atlantic bluefin tuna.

The massive fish measured an incredible over nine feet at 111 inches, with an estimated weight of 900lbs, making it one of the biggest fish ever caught in the waters of Wales.

“By far it’s the biggest fish caught in Welsh waters. The previous biggest was around 600lbs,” said Welsh fisherman Julian Lewis Jones. “At that length, it’s the same size as a big shark. They are immensely powerful and not something any novices could even try, so it had to be a team effort.”