Horrific Bear Attack Leaves Washington Woman With ‘Significant Injuries’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jure Makovec / AFP)

A Washington woman is now recovering from what is being called “significant injuries” after being involved in a bear attack on Saturday (October 22nd).  

According to the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, the bear attack occurred around 7 a.m. near Leavenworth, Washington. The woman, who remains unidentified, was then transported to a nearby hospital with significant injuries.

“Please be advised, we are asking the public to avoid the area of Enchantment Park Way off of Commercial Street in Leavenworth due to a recent bear attack,” the authorities announced in a Facebook post. “A female was attacked within the last hour and has been admitted to the hospital with significant injuries. Fish & Wildlife is being called in to assist with surveying the bear attack and for further guidance. Additional information will be released once it is available.” 

The Leavenworth Echo recently spoke to Christie Voos, a Communications Analyst for the city, who stated there has been more bear activity this year than in years past. However, Marjie Ludwick, a resident, said she hasn’t noticed any significant changes in how the bears are acting. “I haven’t noticed anything that makes me think this year is any different,” Ludwick shared. “With more or fewer bears than previous years.” 

In August 2022, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife set a trap for a bear on Blackbird Island. A bear was eventually caught and released. But within a matter of days, a bear was reported again in the same area. 

Rich Beausoleil, who tags, tracks, and research bears, spoke to the media outlet. “When you look at it on a map, you rise above it like a bird would, boy … you see how all these canyons just feed right into Leavenworth. Grizzlies are more open country, lightly timbered, whereas black bears are a forest dweller.”

Jogger Survived Black Bear Attack in Washington This Past Summer

The Leavenworth bear attack happened just a couple of months after a jogger was attacked by a black bear. The previous attack happened in central Whatcom County.

Fox23 reported at the time that the man was jogging on a trail in a forested area north of Lake Whatcom at approximately 8:30 on August 5th when he got in a scuffle with a bear. The jogger sustained some injuries to both his hands and feet. He was then taken to a local hospital and released the same day. 

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to the incident and went looking for the bear using a Karelian bear dog. They were able to locate and kill the adult black bear. The agency noted that since 1970, Washington State has recorded 18 black bear attacks on humans. The most recent attack occurred in 2015. There has only been one fatal bear attack, which happened in 1974.