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Huk Performance Fishing Gear Announces Partnership With Billy Strings

by Brett Stayton
Billy Strings Plays Guitar On Stage
Photo by Ericka Goldring/Getty Images

William Lee Apostal, professionally known as Billy Strings, is quickly becoming the face of contemporary bluegrass music. He’s also getting more prominently known as a big-time bass fisherman as well. An announcement from Huk Performance Fishing Gear recently unveiled a new collaboration between their brand and Mr. Strings.

While most of his social media activity understandably revolves around music, he’s also known to show off some of his biggest fish online as well. He’s not just a largemouth bass fisherman either. His documented adventures include peacock bass, smallmouth bass, and King salmon too. Now thanks to the collaboration with Huk, fans can show off their support for Billy Strings and hookin’ fatties by rocking one of these special edition shirts.

Huk Performance Fishing Gear is an apparel company built to outfit anglers for adventures on fresh and saltwater. Pronounced like “hook,” the brand seeks to unite the fishing community around a piece of equipment common to pretty much every fishing trip. Huk’s partnership with Billy Strings includes three custom-designed t-shirts.

Each of the various shirts incorporates artwork from Billy String’s 2023 Winter Tour. The Huk website says the designs “reflect Billy’s passion for fishing and his unique musical perspective. “

Billy Strings Says Cigarettes And Fishing Help Him Find Peace And Quiet

“Billy is a singular generational artist, expressing himself by writing songs that reach well beyond a single genre. The Billy Strings-inspired Huk tees will incorporate one-of-a-kind fishing-inspired themes that combine his unique passion for music, art, and fishing. Huk’s connection with Billy stems from his off-stage love of bass fishing,” the announcement reads.

Huk’s connection with Billy stems from his off-stage love of bass fishing. “That’s what I do. I go fishing as often as I can. Sometimes, I’ll get home from a long tour and should probably go to bed, but instead, I put my boat in the water.” says Strings. “My boat, full of fishing rods, lures, cigarette packs, and empty snack wrappers, is where I find some peace and quiet and get away from the pressure of touring and life on the road. If you love fishing as we all do, you get it.”

Be Sure To Check Out His Newest Music Too

If you need some fresh tunes to go along with your new T-shirt, then be sure to check out the latest album from Billy Springs. It’s a special album. Strings teamed up with the man who first taught him how to play music to make the album. That’s his dad, Terry Barber. The new album features the two fellas performing 14 different songs they’ve been playing together for decades now. The lineup includes bluegrass staples like Long Journey Home and Wandering Boy, alongside covers of songs like George Jones’ Life to Go and John Deere Tractor by Larry Sparks.

Billy Strings also recently collaborated with Dierks Bentley on a rowdy new bluegrass jam too. The song is titled High Note, and it’s part of Bentley’s upcoming 10th studio album. Dierks said he’s been a longtime fan of Billy String’s music and was glad to finally have him on a song.

“I was totally blown away the first time I saw him. I’ve cut songs like these since my first record. And I knew I wanted to have him on this one, I’m such a huge fan,” said Bentley. The music video for the song is pretty awesome. It includes Nashville’s iconic Station Inn still standing after an apparent apocalypse. Check it out below: