Hungry Bear From Viral TikTok Euthanized by Conservation Officers

by Shelby Scott

You know what they say—don’t feed the bears. But what happens when the bears figure out unconventional ways to feed themselves? Winter is approaching for many North American black bears and that means they’re on a serious mission to gain as much weight as possible before hibernation. Unfortunately, though, conservation officers had to euthanize one hungry black bear after it went viral on TikTok for breaking into a Vancouver man’s home and stealing food from his refrigerator.

According to North Shore News, the bear, seen munching on a frozen burrito on TikTok, went viral on Thursday. Thankfully, the bruin didn’t hurt anyone in its mission for food. The man behind the video also found humor in the creature’s break-in. However, wildlife officers, which saw the bear’s lack of fear as a major red flag, put the animal down.

A Friday statement from B.C. Conservation Officer Service read, “Yesterday, conservation officers responded to…a report [of a bear break-in] and immediately responded to keep the public safe. When they arrived, the bear had just left a house and was seen pushing on a door into a neighboring home. The bear was put down.”

The bear’s euthanization came after conservation officers first tried further preventative efforts to discourage it from returning to the area. Unfortunately, those measures were ineffective, resulting in the animal’s demise late in the week.

The statement further read, “Unfortunately, the sad reality is that when people do not take precautions to properly secure attractants, it often leads to bears being put down in order to keep people safe.”

Woman Facing Six Months In Jail After Caught In Viral Video Hand Feeding Bear

We can’t stress how important it is to not feed the bears. Any bears. No matter how cute. However, despite how much we or conservation officers harp about the importance of maintaining our distance from these creatures, some people just lack common sense altogether.

On occasion, nature does come to you, as the Vancouver bear did in the above viral video. That said, it’s still important to avoid provoking nature as much as possible. That’s why one Tennessee woman faces serious consequences after she got caught hand-feeding a baby bear in a viral video. Reports state she could potentially face a six-month jail sentence as well as a hefty fine.

Sevier County Wildlife Sergeant David Sexton condemned the woman’s actions. He spoke about how ridiculously common it is for people to want to have up-close encounters with unpredictable wild animals.

“The overwhelming desire to have a close encounter with a black bear is strangely more powerful than common sense,” Sexton said. “Many people intentionally feed bears with little regard for the dire consequences to the bears and humans they leave behind.”