Hunter Critically Injured After Falling From Tree While Setting Up Tree Stand

by Megan Molseed

A hunter was critically injured recently as he crashed to the ground while setting up his tree stand in New Hampshire.

According to reports, the injured party fell from a tree while he was preparing for a seasonal hunt. The man was setting up the stand when it started to fall. The man then grabbed the stand which resulted in both the man and the stand plummeting dangerously to the ground.

The Critically Injured Hunter Was Able To Call For Help

The tragic fall occurred early last week as Casey Barry of Goffstown was prepping his treestand. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game, the 58-year-old man was injured when the tree stand shifted during set-up.

“Barry began ascending the tree stand after securing the lower straps,” notes the New Hampshire Fish and Game in a statement.

“And the stand shifted,” the notice continues. In the statement, the officials add that it was at this point the stand began to plummet. Taking Barry down to the ground as well. He did face critical injuries from the tragedy, however, Barry was about to phone a friend for help, officials note. Then, once the friend was notified of the dangerous accident, they contacted 9-1-1.

Officials Rush To The Scene To Aid Injured Hunter

After the injured hunter’s contact notified the authorities of the accident, the rescue teams rushed to the scenes. The rescuing officials worked on assisting Casey Barry out of the woods. He was then transferred to a Manchester medical center.

The hunter did face serious injuries as a result of the fall. However, none of these injuries are reported to be life-threatening. And, this accident serves as an important reminder for hunters to focus on safety at all points of the activity notes the Fish and Game officials. Even when simply setting up the tree stands.

“Most tree stand accidents can be avoided,” officials say. According to the Fish and Game officials, hunters should make sure to have a buddy with them when installing the treestands. And, officials note, using a safety harness when climbing is very important.

One Hunter Remains Crazy Calm As A Bear Tries To Join Him In The Treestand

In a jaw-dropping TikTok video, we see a brave hunter who stays extremely calm as a curious black bear climbs the hunting stand. The hunter is seen in the video gently encouraging the unexpected visitor to begin climbing down the ladder.

@tiktokoutdoors1 What would you do ?👇 #blackbear #hunting #outdoors #wwyd #fyp #tiktok #viral #foryou ♬ original sound – tiktokoutdoors1

“Get down, mister,” the hunter tells the bear calmly, pointing down toward the ground.

“That’s right, oh, you’re going to fall,” the hunter relates to the black bear as it stubbornly continues up the hunting stand.

“Its legs are swinging,” the hunter quips of the bear.

“Oh, my God, you are funny,” she adds. ” Look at his mouth. Oh, you are going to get so stuck in there. Your a– is too big.”