Hunter Faces Charges, Fines for Using Decoy Moose

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/vmargineanu)

A Canadian hunter is facing massive fines and even a few charges after a decoy operation in the Northwest region of Ontario. According to reports, the hunter fired at a decoy moose placed in a high-traffic vicinity. The decoy was part of a more extensive operation intended to pinpoint unsafe hunting practices in the area.

The Northwestern Ontario Man Faces Major Fines After Illegal Hunting During A Decoy Moose Operation

The man who hails from the Canadian Province’s Thunder Bay area is facing fines as a result of the operation. These fines are soaring as high as $7,500, all for illegal hunting practices. According to the reports, the hunter was caught after firing at a moose decoy. The decoy was placed in a high-traffic area. It was used as part of an operation that was conducted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry last year.

“This planned operation was in response to historical unsafe hunting practices,” a release from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry notes. The release adds that the officials pinpointed this area because of multiple instances of illegal firearm usage that have been “documented in the same area.”

“The moose decoy was situated on a commonly used access road,” the release explains.

“Where conservation officers controlled traffic in the vicinity of the operation,” the document reads. The man is also facing illegal firearm practice charges. This, the release notes is because the man “shot at the moose decoy with a high-powered rifle down and across the road into a blind corner.” the release notes. “while standing on the road.”

The Operation Occured Just Over a Year Ago In October 2021

According to the news release detailing the operation and the charges, these charges stem from an October 23, 2021 operation. During the operation, the Ontario conservation officials set up the moose decoy along the Whitesand Lake Road which sits west of Schreiber Ontario.

An Ontario Justice of the Peace heard the man’s case in the Ontario Court of Justice. According to the release, the hunter pleaded guilty on September 12. The charges to which he pled guilty were “careless use of a firearm”. Furthermore, the hunter also received a two-year suspension on his hunting license.

The hunter will also be completing an Ontario Hunter Education Course. Additionally, the man may not purchase another hunting license until he completes the course.

Conservation officials in the area are working on continuous investigations along these lines. That includes programs to track down hunters utilizing dangerous and illegal hunting practices. Conservations officials are encouraging citizens to report problems or information about unsolved cases. Those with information can contact the ministry TIPS toll-free line at 1-877-847-7667.