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Hunter In British Columbia Shatters Mountain Goat World Record

by Brett Stayton
big mountain goat in the snow
Photo by Mark Newman/Getty Images

Justin Kallusky from British Columbia has officially claimed the new world record for the largest mountain goat ever taken by a hunter. A special panel of judges from the Boone and Crockett Club convened during the Wild Sheep Foundation’s annual marquee event. The goat’s horns officially scored 60-4/8 points on the Boone and Crockett Club’s official measurement scale. Each horn measures well over 12 inches in length. It outscored the previous world record by 3 points.

“This new World’s Record is truly a sight to behold,” said Mike Opitz, chair of the Special Judges Panel. “A Rocky Mountain goat of this caliber is a true testament to continued conservation efforts and one tough hunter.” 

Justin Kallusky was hunting with a friend in a mountainous region along the Stikine River in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a big, fast-moving river with steep canyons. It attracts hunters and whitewater rafters looking for a big adventure. “On that hunt, I told my friend there’s a goat over 12 inches in this spot,” Kallusky says. “It’s a really good habitat.”  

It wasn’t until 2022 though that he finally got his hands on those 12-inch horns he dreamed about.  When he first spotted the big goat, it was in an odd position. “It was bedded facing uphill and stuffed up under a rock to hide from the sun,” Kallusky says. The only thing they could see was a big goat butt, he adds. After four hours, the goat finally stood up, but something looked slightly off. “I asked my friend, ‘Why does his head look so small?’ I knew it was a good billy, but not until I walked up to it after the shot did I really understand.”

Justin Kallusky Has Been Mountain Goat Hunting Since He Was 15 

Now 42 years old, the new world record sheep was definitely earned the hard way by Kallusky. He first started sheep hunting with his uncle when he was just 15 years old. He currently works as a lineman for British Columbia Hydro and hunts every opportunity he can.

All mountain goat harvests are required to check in with a provincial inspector in British Columbia. The biologist took one look at the record-shattering goat and said he needed to have it measured for the record books. Though he’s excited about setting the new world record, he said that wasn’t necessarily a goal of his. “I’m not a trophy hunter by any stretch of the imagination,” he says. “I’m out there for the experience.” 

When Grant Markoski, a local trophy scorer for the Boone and Crockett Club, immediately knew he was looking at something really special when he saw the goat.

“I pulled this goat head out, and this old boy almost had a jammer,” Kallusky said. “He put his hands on his head and started walking around in circles.”  Markoski has been a Boone and Crockett Club Official Measurer since 1991. During those 30 years, he’s measured quite a few goats, though nothing prepared him for how big this billy goat was. “When I saw this thing, I could not believe it,” Markoski says. “It was so much bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. When you see it, your jaw will drop.”