Hunter Takes Down Enormous 500+ Pound Black Bear, Takes Four Grown Men to Hoist It in Trailer: VIDEO

by Craig Garrett

A hunt in Saskatchewan resulted in a harvest of a gigantic black bear that is incredibly easily over 500 pounds. Not many wild black bears grow to be gigantic, although a few get lucky each year. The Youtube channel saskadrenaline captures one such hunt in Saskatchewan. The massive bear is first spotted by another hunter who has already released an arrow at a different bruin. They can only watch incredulously as the extremely fat beats saunters through the bait site.

The outfitter sits a different hunter, Nick, in the same stand a few days later with hopes of encountering the same animal. Sure enough, the big bruin comes into the bait but quickly vanishes into the brush before offering a clear shot. The hunters wait patiently for him to reappear while being amused by a young bear trying to climb their tree. After scaring away the younger bear, the monstrous bruin comes back out and offers them a perfect shot at last.

This huge black bear is almost hard to believe. According to SaskAdrenaline, the creature was over eight feet tall and weighed more than 500 pounds. The video shows an unbelievable run of good luck. When you consider the size of this bear and the number of creatures observed, from the one that tried to scale the tree, it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

How to handle a black bear encounter

These hunters were obviously well prepared to handle black bears. However, if you’re just looking to observe wild animals, there are a few key things to keep in mind. The rules of viewing etiquette are the first step toward avoiding a bear encounter that might develop into an attack. Keeping a safe distance and not surprising bears are two things that are particularly crucial. If you hear humans approaching, most bears will avoid them. If you’re in an area with known bear activity or a rich food source, such as berry bushes, pay attention to your surroundings and try to stand out.

The National Park Service advises not to drop your pack and not to give the black bear any food. They also stress not to make direct eye contact. Another thing they suggest is to travel in groups. Finally, the NPS urges folks not to climb trees to escape wild animals. Black bears in particular are terrific climbers.

The NPS stresses that bear attacks are extremely rare. Most bears mind their own business if not antagonized by humans. However, they do have some tips in the event of an attack. Interestingly, they strongly urge people to not play dead with black bears. Playing dead works with their brown cousins, though. If you’re stuck in a bear attack, the NPS says the best bet is to get out of there as quickly as possible. They urge you to find a car or shelter if you can. If you aren’t able to flee, try to defend yourself with whatever is accessible. The NPS says to focus your blows on the bear’s face and muzzle.