Hunters Frustrated With Record-Breaking Idaho Elk Kill on High Fence Ranch

by Craig Garrett
Elk bugling - stock photo

Some serious issues have arisen with avid hunters in Idaho after a potential record-breaking elk was shot. The main issue is how the elk was killed. The elk was killed on a ranch in Idaho and not in the wild, Idaho’s KEZJ reports. According to reports, the massive bull was shot at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch on a fenced hunting trip. The hunt was purchased for Brian Dhooghe’s birthday, and he ended up being the one who took the animal down.

Brian didn’t want to miss the opportunity when the guide told him about the massive elk. “They had told us this potential record was walking around, but I wanted a nice, big, sexy-looking bull to mount on the wall. And this thing is definitely not that,” Dhooghe told Outdoor Life. “He’s ugly. I mean he’s awesome, but kind of freaky lookin’. It looks like something prehistoric, like, what the hell is that thing?”

In most high-fence operations, the client chooses which species and size of animal they would like to shoot. They are then charged according to what they desire. For example, Bull Basin, a high-fence operation in Colorado charges $15,900 for a 381- to 399 class bull. Most of these places guarantee success, meaning the hunter will kill an animal during their stay. Images of the massive bull were shared on social media.

Should the gigantic elk bull be counted as a record?

Several individuals left commentary on the Facebook post inquiring about the authenticity of the animal, with a few asserting that the image had been edited. Yet, Kyle Strode – an employee at Bay City Sausage who witnessed the rack first-hand – confirmed it was genuine. “Yeah, it was pretty wild. I took a picture of the rack,” Strode told Outdoor Life. He also vouched for hunter Brian Dhooghe, who is a loyal customer. “Brian has been bringing stuff in forever. So, yeah. It’s a legit animal.”

Some hunters are pretty livid about the recent controversy. Can you blame them? The hunter in question shot a record-breaking elk on a ranch that raises these animals, so it’s not like he had to track it down in the wilderness. Does shooting an elk on a ranch disqualify the hunt from counting as “record-breaking?”

The elk is an amazing sight, regardless of whether it was high-fence or not. Some people online claimed it was fake and photoshopped, but the reports say otherwise. This elk is going to provide a substantial amount of meat.

For years, that elk was hanging around a 10 thousand-acre ranch until this hunter finally got him. It’s challenging to ascertain if it should be allowed as record-breaking, but it is amusing to look at. Even the most traditional hunters might be tempted to do a canned hunt with an animal like this one on the line.