Hurricane Fiona Update: Almost All of Puerto Rico Remains Without Power

by Tia Bailey

Hurricane Fiona recently hit Puerto Rico. It caused a lot of damage, and most of Puerto Rico is still without power.

President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Puerto Rico this weekend. He had declared this before it was a hurricane and it was just a tropical storm, which looked to be progressing into hurricane territory.

Over 1,000 water rescues were performed, and more are underway. A statement by National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center reads: “Hurricane Fiona was now located near the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. However, Fiona’s rain bands will continue to impact Puerto Rico as it lifts northwards. Periods of torrential rains are therefore expected to continue affecting the territory, creating catastrophic and life threatening flash flood conditions, overflowing rivers and small streams and debris flow. Additional heavy rains today will only aggravate the already flooded areas and will trigger mudslides and rockfall due to the unstable soil. Trailing moisture is expected to continue to affect the region especially Puerto Rico at least through Tuesday or into Wednesday.”

The National Weather Service in San Juan encourages residents to move to higher ground immediately.

Almost all of Puerto Rico is currently still without power due to the rough weather conditions. Many have evacuated due to the dangerous winds and heavy flooding.

Hurricane Fiona Update: Puerto Rico Residents Urged to Move to Higher Ground

The National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center also gave some “preparedness information.”

They wrote: “Now is the time to remain safely sheltered from the storm. Stay inside and away from windows. Listen for updates and be ready in case you lose electrical power. Locate your battery powered radio and flashlight from your Emergency Supplies Kit. Keep these items close. Do not venture outside while in the eye of a hurricane. Within the eye, weather conditions may temporarily improve which can be misleading. Once the eye passes, the wind will change direction and return to dangerous speeds. Heavy rain will also return. Be smart and remain safely hidden from the storm.”

“Do not be a thrill seeker or risk your life for senseless photos or videos. Be wise and avoid becoming another statistic. Be ready to move to the identified safe room if your home or shelter begins to fail. Quickly move to an interior room on the lowest floor. Put as many sturdy walls between you and the storm as you can. Protect your head and body.”

They also told residents to not go back to evacuated areas until the winds are gone and the flood goes down.

President Biden tweeted out: “Yesterday, I declared an Emergency Disaster Declaration for Puerto Rico to ensure the full force of the Federal government supports you. We have hundreds of personnel on the ground and ask that you heed the warnings of state and local officials.”