Hurricane Ian: Devastating Pics Show Path of Destruction as Storm Batters Florida Coast

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Hurricane Ian is battering the coast of Florida, leaving massive damage in its wake. One of these lasting effects of the massive storm is lowered water levels in some of the Florida bays. This comes as Hurricane Ian’s massive winds – some exceeding speeds of 150 miles per hour – are draining the waterways.

Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall On Florida Coast, Leaving Destruction In Its Wake

It’s an eerie sight in Florida right now as Hurricane Ian hits the Florida coasts creating havoc as it moves over the area. And, a recent shocking timelapse video shows how the hurricane’s massive winds are draining some of the state’s waterways and bays. This particular video shows how the disastrous storm is pushing water from Florida’s Hillsboroug h bay.

The eye of the destructive hurricane was still hundreds of miles away from the Tampa Bay coast as of 9 am on Wednesday. However, the winds were still strong enough to push the waters out of area bays and bayous, reports note. These same effects were seen in Venice Florida before Ian’s predicting 10 a.m. landfall earlier today (Wednesday, September 28).

Ian Leaves Areas Desolate Clearing Tons Of Water From Venice Fishing Piers

Recently, the city of Venice Florida shared some shocking images of the Florida waterlines as Hurricane Ian continues to bear down on the state. In the Wednesday morning Twitter post, the city officials tweet “Images from the Venice Fishing Pier.”

The FEMA Twitter page also sends warnings regarding the water changes as Hurricane Ian arrives.

“Do not walk out into receding water in Tampa Bay or Charlotte Harbor,” a recent FEMA post notes. “the water WILL return through storm surge and poses a life-threatening risk.”

President Biden Issues Warnings Ahead Of Ian’s Arrival

As Hurricane Ian was fast approaching Wednesday morning after causing massive destruction in Cuba, President Joe Biden issued a warning to Florida residents stressing the importance of heeding warnings made by officials. The storm, Biden warns is “incredibly dangerous.”

“This storm is incredibly dangerous, to state the obvious,” Biden says while speaking at the White House Conference on Hunger.

“It’s life-threatening,” the president adds. “You should obey all warnings and directions from emergency officials.”

Biden goes on to warn that residents not “take anything for granted.” He also states that it is important to heed the advice of officials trained for these situations.

“Evacuate when ordered,” Biden advises.

“Be prepared,” the President notes. “Storm warnings are real, the evacuation notices are real, [and] the danger is real.”