Hurricane Ian Downgraded to a Tropical Storm Amid Massive Flooding in Florida

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

After days of bringing devastating damage to Cuba and parts of Florida, Hurricane Ian has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. Ian made landfall on the Sunshine state mid-Wednesday (September 28) slamming areas along the coast and beyond with 150-mile-per-hour winds and unrelenting rain. As Ian made landfall near Cayo Costa Florida Wednesday afternoon, the hurricane immediately began pushing northeast across the entire state.

However, as of 5 a.m. on Thursday, September 29, the storm’s winds slowed down immensely to around 65 miles per hour. Ian is still marching to the north and northeast, officials note. Fast approaching the Orlando and Cape Canaveral areas.

Hurricane Ian Weakens To A Tropical Storm After Leaving Devastating Damage In Its Wake

According to the National Hurricane Center, Ian is expected to continue on this north-northeast trajectory throughout the day. However, the now-tropical storm is then expected to make a turn to the northwest. Picking up speed as it does so. This move, the National Hurricane Center’s report notes will cause the storm to “increase in forwarding speed Friday and Friday night.”

Experts also note that the “center of Ian is expected to move off the east-central coast of Florida later today.” Ian is then projected to hit the coast of South Carolina by Friday.

“The center [of the storm] will move farther inland across the Carolinas Friday night and Saturday,” the National Hurricane Center’s report notes.

One TikTok User Shares Clip Of A Mysterious Creature Swimming In The Streets In Ians Wake

A recent TikTok video shares a shocking clip of something swimming in the Florida streets. The video comes after Ian ripped through the area causing major flooding. Hurricane Ian brought a major storm surge onto the Florida coast on Wednesday. Causing major flooding in areas of the state. With this, comes some interesting sights as some unusual creatures are seen swimming in areas that don’t normally host water dwellers.

This is exactly what we see in the strange TikTok video as something mysterious swims past on the roadway. The TikToker captions the strange video by saying “When your friend lives in Florida during a hurricane…when life gives you street food.”

@samsationalspam When your friend lives in Florida during a hurricane… 😅😅😅 when life gives you street food… 🤷🏼‍♀️☂️#hurricaneian #hurricane #florida #tampabay #HausLabsFoundation #fish #flooding #floridacheck #hurricanecheck ♬ Originalton – 💟🥷🏻

Florida residents are only beginning to evaluate the damage that Hurricane Ian has brought to the state. Damages began even hours before its landfall Wednesday afternoon. By late evening, early Thursday morning (September 29) the storm was still pounding the area with hurricane-force winds. Millions were left without electricity. More than 22,000 Florida utility workers are on standby. Ready to start repairing issues as soon as the dangerous storm passes.