Hurricane Ian: Hundreds of Publix Locations Modify Hours Due to Major Storm

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

One of the major grocery chains in Florida has announced that locations will be operating under “modified” hours as hurricane Ian continues to threaten the area. Hundreds of Publix grocery stores are closing ahead of hurricane Ian’s landfall. And, any Florida residents who are still hoping to hit the grocery superstores for last-minute supplies are urged to move quickly ahead of planned closures.

Publix Is Operating Under “Modified Hours” In Florida As Hurricane Ian Fast Approaches

Hundreds of Publix grocery stores are operating under different hours as Hurricane Ian threatens the sunshine state after devastating Cuba a few days earlier. Some Publix locations have already hung up the closed signs as the category 4 storm approaches. Many are not set to reopen until Friday morning. Others closed a bit later on Wednesday.

According to Publix Media Relations Manager, Hannah Herring, many stores across Florida counties will be closing at noon today, Wednesday, September 28. Officials anticipate some Publix locations to reopen by Friday, September 30.

“Please keep in mind hours may be adjusted,” Herring notes in a statement.

“And the status of individual stores is subject to change,” the media relations manager adds. “Based on Hurricane Ian’s track and projected impacts.”

Herrings adds that “as always, our priority remains on the safety of our associates, customers, and communities.”

Will Hurricane Ian’s Aftermath Include Higher Food Prices?

Experts wonder if Hurricane Ian’s aftermath may include a spike in food prices. This, of course, is on top of the inflation that is already affecting households all across the nation. According to reports, Hurricane Ian has already led to some major price hikes in recent days. These come as Florida residents prepare for the massive storm to make landfall on Wednesday.

Publix has even faced some of these price hikes as the public fills the aisles. Socking up on necessities needed to ride out the devastating storm. According to reports, Publix customers have already witnessed price hikes on some of these purchases. Including bread, water bottles and jugs, batteries, and canned goods.

“Our teams are working diligently to keep our stores stocked for our customers,” Hannah Herring says of the Publix supermarkets.

“We will continue to make product deliveries as long as it is safe to do so,” the media manager continues. Of course, Herring adds, these availabilities we’ll remain available depending on “delivery schedules, product availability will vary by store, time of day.”

Meteorologists in the Orlando area note that Floridians in the areas Ian is projected to hit should make sure to be at their safe place. The spots where they plan to ride out the storm by 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning.