Hurricane Ian: Lee County Officials Reveal How Long It’ll Take to Get Power Back

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Hurricane Ian ravaged through Cuba and Florida for most of last week. Lee County officials finally shared how long it will take for residents to have power again.

 Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais spoke about hurricane recovery on Monday, October 3. While addressing the power outages, Desjarlais stated that it will take time, at least “30 days minimum” for power to be fully back following the hurricane.

Desjarlais did state that FPL reported that 64% of its Lee County users have had power restored. Also, LCEC has reported that 22% of its customers have had their power restored.

He shared that search and rescue are is still happening, primarily at Fort Myers Beach.

“As the hospitals stabilize and are coming back online they’ve started to get the type of water pressure they need in order to remain in business,” Desjarlais said. “In addition to the hospitals, we are working with other partners for healthcare such as the Department of Health, Lee County EMS, and Florida Division of Emergency Management, which is helping to coordinate and acquire all of the resources that are either here or on their way in.”

Another move they are making involves an old Sears building in the Edison Mall, which was used for Covid vaccines.

“That is reopening as a healthcare center,” Desjarlais shared.

Additionally, the Florida Department of Transportation has been making progress, with 400 signals back up.

Florida Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

The National Interagency Fire Center shared a statement. They noted that Floridians now have to prepare for a severe drought, and possible wildfires, after being devastated by the hurricane.

 “Locally critical fire weather conditions are expected across far southwest Georgia, southern Alabama, the western Florida Panhandle, southern Mississippi, and south Louisiana,” they said.

Florida Forest Service also shared a statement about this.

“The combination of the strong surface high to the north and the strong pressure gradient around Hurricane Ian will drive moderately strong northerly winds across much of the Southeast,” they wrote. “With these areas remaining dry, fuels are receptive to fire spread.”

Additionally, a video has made its rounds on social media of Fort Myers Beach before and after the hurricane hit. The video was shared to TikTok with the caption: “Hurricane lan’s damage to Fort Myers beach… Keep all the cities in southwest fl in your thoughts, we are struggling rn… #hurricaineian #fortmyersbeach #fortmyers.”


Hurricane lan’s damage to Fort Myers beach… Keep all the cities in southwest fl in your thoughts, we are struggling rn… #hurricaineian #fortmyersbeach #fortmyers

♬ is a ghost of you – triple ₉⁹₉ edits

The video is very sad to see. The song in the background is Of Monsters & Men’s “Little Talks.” The lyrics “You’re gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear/ All that’s left is the ghost of you” play.

One person commented: “Wow… sending prayers.” Another said: “This breaks my heart. We had only been there a few times, but the point is we loved it and had so much fun there. So I can’t even imagine what the people that live there feel like. Sending love from South Jersey. I would help if not for my job.”