Hurricane Ian: TV Reporter Saves Woman Whose Car Got Trapped in Floodwaters

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Hurricane Ian has wrecked havoc on several areas, including Cuba and Florida. A lot of crazy footage has come from the storm. A video of a TV reporter saving a woman whose car got trapped in a flood is making rounds on social media.

The reporter, who works for an Orlando TV station, WESH-TV, is named Tony Atkins. He and his crew were on Orange Avenue, which has been affected a lot by the flood.

“This car eventually got stuck, then I saw a hand come out and I heard help,” Atkins said. “I looked around for a number of things — alligators and things like that. Also downed power lines. But most importantly I looked for law enforcement that could help rescue that woman. But no one was there. It was so dark. She did ask for help and I just didn’t know her status.”

The video shows Atkins go through the waters, help the woman out of her car, and carry her on his back to land. The woman was concerned about getting to her job because she works as a nurse.

Atkins shared an update on the woman to his Twitter. He screenshot a Facebook post of the woman’s daughter thanking him, and a text from her. Her daughter said to him: “I want to Thankyou so much for helping and rescuing my mom ! (The nurse you carried on your back) We are so grateful for you! A true hero.”

Atkins captioned the tweet: “Our woman from early this morning made it to work. Her job as a nurse hung in the balance, according to her daughter. I got this message from her daughter today! So glad things worked out. #NoCarNoProblem.”

Hurricane Ian Called One of Strongest Storms to Hit Florida

The hurricane, with all the damages it has already caused, is now being ranked as one of the strongest storms to ever hit Florida. According to Fox Weather, it is factually tied as the fourth-strongest storm to ever make landfall in Florida. The storm is tied with the 2004 Hurricane Charley.

Following landfall on Wednesday, it has finally weakened to a tropical storm. However, that doesn’t mean to say that the damages are any less.

2.5 million people in the state have been left without power. “This is going to be a storm that we talk about for many years to come,” National Weather Service Director Ken Graham said.

President Joe Biden shared on Twitter that he and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been discussing how to help the state from the fallout.

“This morning, I spoke with Governor Ron DeSantis to discuss the steps we’re taking to support Florida in response to Hurricane Ian. I’ve also directed FEMA Administrator Criswell to travel to Florida tomorrow to check in on response and survey where additional support is needed,” Biden tweeted.