Hurricane Ian: Two Killed in Cuba, Thousands Without Power

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

As hurricane Ian continues to strengthen while heading into the Florida coast, the people of Cuba are only beginning to evaluate the damage the devastating event has left in its wake. And, Florida residents who have been prepping for the Ian to hit landfall are already beginning to see the devastation this hurricane will be bringing as it approaches landfall.

So far, tens of thousands of people have been left without power in Florida Wednesday morning. This is even before Ian has officially made landfall.

Florida Reports Over 17,000 Outages Before Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall While Cuba Remains In The Dark

According to the Florida Power and Light Company, there have been a reported 17,255 outages across numerous Florida counties, NBC news is reporting. Broward county alone reports over 6,700 power outages by Wednesday morning (September 28). Miami-Dade County is reporting as many as 5,700 outages so far.

Cuba remains in the dark at this point after Hurricane Ian devastated the area’s power grid earlier this week. Ian also brought devastation to one of the country’s most important products. This happened when it made landfall on the island’s western tip, destroying tobacco farms.

Cuban authorities have been working tirelessly to restore service to the area’s 11 million people. This report comes from Cuba’s own Electric Union. Initially, the devastating hurricane took out power for around 1 million people in Cuba’s most western areas. However, the storm raged on eventually leading to a collapse of the entire grid.

Two Have Already Lost Their Lives As Ian Tears Through The Area

So far, Cuba officials have reported that two people have lost their lives in the deadly hurricane. These deaths occurred in the area where hurricane Ian first made landfall in the tobacco-rich Cuban province of Pinar del Rio. The storm first made landfall on Cuba’s western edge days ago. This is when it was classified as a Category 3 storm. Tens of thousands of area residents were evacuated overall.

As Hurricane Ian approached the area earlier this week as many as 40,000 people were evacuated from the province. It is this area that received the highest impact of the deadly storm. The world has been watching events unfold as images of the destruction and damage in the flooded streets begin to hit social media.

“Everything we have is damaged,” says 65-year-old Caridad Fernandez who describes major damage to her roof and massive water damage to her home.

“But we’ll get through this,” she says. “We’ll just keep moving forwards.”