Hurricane Ian: Watch Storm Surge Rush Through First Floor of a Naples Condo Building

by Samantha Whidden
Getty Images

As Hurricane Ian’s destruction intensifies, a video shows a storm surge rushing through the first floor of a Naples, Florida condo building.  

WFLA’s Josh Benson took to Twitter to share the video of Hurricane Ian’s storm surge in the city’s area. “Storm surge crushing the bottom floor of a condo in Naples,” he tweeted. Insane power.”

Hours before Hurricane Ian’s arrival, Naples issued a citywide curfew. Naples News reports that the curfew is in effect until further notice, the police explained. Authorities said that the curfew was put in place due to the extremely hazardous conditions on roadways caused by the storm surge. However, the curfew does not apply to first responders and emergency workers.

Hurricane Ian made landfall near Cayo Costa, 50 miles north of Naples, as a category 4 storm this afternoon. The storm brought 150 mph winds. The City of Naples shared on Facebook, “We will be experiencing a high tide at 3:28 p.m. today.  As waters continue to rise, it is imperative that those on lower levels need to move to higher ground.”

Naples Issued Mandatory Evacuation Order Before Hurricane Ian’s Storm Surge

Naples also issued a mandatory evacuation order on Tuesday (September 27th) for all properties in Zone A. This was notably consistent with the mandatory evacuation order by Collier County. “Those living in the immediate coastal areas, west and south of US Highway 41 / Tamiami Trail, in low-lying flood prone areas and mobile homes should evacuate immediately.  With a predicted storm surge of 6-9 feet, with the possibility of increasing, and high tides, conditions will be hazardous.”

At the time, Naples explained that the predicted Hurricane Ian storm surge was 6 to 8 feet. There was also the possibility of increasing. “An evacuation is ordered because life-threatening conditions are present, or will be present, in the area designated as a ‘mandatory evacuation zone.’ For a tropical cyclone event, we should “Run from Water and Hide from Wind.” So, if you are threatened by the storm’s surge, you should go to a safe location before the threat arrives.”

The city further declared that in addition to communicating where lives are threatened, officials will also be communicating where emergency services will cease until the storm has passed. “If you’re in a mandatory evacuation zone, officials may go door-to-door advising you of an evacuation order, but they will not force you out of your house.  They may ask for your next-of-kin information, so please cooperate.  Remember, your decision to remain in a mandatory evacuation zone is ‘YOURS.’”

Naples then added that for those who elect to evacuate but do not have other options available to them, Collier County opened General Population Shelters as a last resort. Some of the shelters are considered pet friendly.