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Iconic Saltwater Crocodile ‘Scarface’ Missing Since February

by Caitlin Berard
Toothless Saltwater Crocodile Similar to Scarface
(Photo by Ian Waldie via Getty Images)

Scarface, a massive 14-foot saltwater crocodile with a worldwide fan base, has been declared missing. According to his most ardent admirer, he’s “considered dangerous” and hasn’t been seen since mid-February.

For decades, the legendary croc has called the Daintree River in Queensland, Australia, home. In that time, he’s amassed an impressive fanbase, largely due to his most dedicated devotee – David White, the owner of Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile & Wildlife Cruises.

In his many years as a cruise director, White has pointed out his scaly friend to passengers, slowly creating an online sensation in Scarface.

The croc’s name comes from the many scars marring his face due to his advanced age, which has also caused the predator to lose all of his teeth. Sometimes, however, he’s referred to as “The King” because of his impressive size.

White frequently takes to Facebook to post pictures and videos of the saltwater crocodile to his adoring fans. But his most recent post was neither gruesome nor captivating. Instead, he expressed his concern for the reptile, stating that Scarface has been missing for weeks, his longest absence from his beloved river in 26 years.

Starting the distressed post with “MISSING,” White went on to explain Scarface’s traits and last known whereabouts. “Last seen on the Daintree River 11th Feb wearing nothing but a big smile,” White said. He affectionately described the croc as a “70-year-old male” with a “gummy smile” and a “plus size build.”

Despite his obvious fondness, however, White urged others to keep their distance, should they spot the saltwater crocodile. “Considered dangerous. Do not approach,” he wrote before finishing with another joke. “Under NO circumstances feed yourself or your pets to him.”

What Happened to Scarface the Saltwater Crocodile?

Because Scarface is a saltwater crocodile, he’s perfectly content in both fresh and saltwater environments. As such, it’s certainly possible that he ventured away for a vacation.

White’s concern grew, however, when he noticed that two other crocs, Bung Eye and Big Nick, had taken over Scarface’s territory. He hasn’t seen any fights, though, and the 14-foot croc would never relinquish his home to the newcomers without one.

“So what now, has he retired? I don’t know. What happens if he has, we don’t know. While I know it’s a natural thing, no one is immortal,” White lamented.

It’s also possible that the croc isn’t gone at all but hiding. As it’s the height of Australian summer, it’s not unusual for crocs to hide under the warm water rather than bake on the banks. With the growing concern surrounding saltwater crocodiles in Australia, however, White isn’t so sure.

“I’m hoping very much that he will come back and he’s just having a little holiday,” the heartbroken wildlife guide said. “I’m very sad that he might have left us.”