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Illinois Police Save Boy Drowning in Icy Pond

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by sundown001 via Getty Images)

On Wednesday afternoon (November 23), a 9-year-old resident of Aurora, a Chicago suburb, decided to brave the chilly weather to spend some time in the sun. Grabbing his favorite football, the boy left his apartment to play catch with a friend in the grass nearby.

After a particularly hard throw, the boys watched as the ball soared through the air, landing in an icy pond. The pond was frozen, however, and the ball was mere feet from the edge.

Taking a chance, one of the boys took an experimental step onto the ice. Though the ice was extremely thin, it appeared to hold, so he took a few more steps, at which point the ice finally gave way and he fell through, plunging into the frigid water below.

When a lake or pond is frozen, the water below is so cold that the effects of hypothermia are immediate. The cold shock causes hyperventilation, followed by a drop in body temperature. Muscles stiffen as a result, making it virtually impossible to swim to safety.

Because of this, rescue workers urge those who report such incidents not to jump in after the victim. Instead, they should wait for professionals equipped with ice suits and other rescue tools. But when a small child is drowning right in front of you, it’s understandable that it would be difficult to think logically. So when Aurora Police arrived at the scene, they had not one but two individuals to save.

Illinois Police Save Child, Woman From Icy Pond

When Aurora Police officers and firefighters approached the pond to save the boy, they saw that an adult woman had gone in after him and become trapped herself. Sprinting toward the bond with a water rescue kit in hand, two officers dove into the freezing water. Meanwhile, others tossed flotation devices and ropes toward the victims.

After a heart-pounding few moments, the officers successfully pulled both the woman and the young boy from the icy pond, immediately beginning treatment for hypothermia. According to a subsequent Facebook post shared by the Aurora Police Department, the boy “sustained minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital by the Aurora Fire Department.”

The two officers who risked their own lives plunging into the bitterly cold water suffered injuries as well. Thankfully, their injuries were minor, and they were successfully treated at the hospital as well. The woman who was pulled from the water was treated on the scene and did not require hospitalization.

“I thought my son was not gonna be here to see Thanksgiving,” the boy’s grateful mother explained. “Somebody was out there to call 911. And I want to thank the little boy and his parents [for getting help]. And I want to thank all the people who rescued him.”