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Indiana Homeowners Shocked to See Duck Hunters Near Downtown Waterfront

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Dennis Hallinan / Contributor)

Some residents in Indiana were alarmed recently when they spotted duck hunters waiting along the water edge on downtown area riverbanks. Sure, it’s a common sight to see duck hunters wading out in rivers and lakes. Some venture into the waters with just waders on, and others step onto kayaks or other boats as they track down their trophies. Few, however, venture into the downtown areas along a riverbank. This is why Indiana residents were shocked to see the duck hunters just outside their windows in the downtown area.

Indiana City Leaders Are Checking The Legality Of Duck Hunters Along The Downtown Riverfronts

This sight, with duck hunters sitting along a downtown riverfront, may be quite unusual for Indiana residents. When one thinks of duck hunting this would rarely entail hanging out in urban areas while waiting for the game to make itself known.

However, Indiana city leaders aren’t sure that this activity is against the law. According to reports, city officials from Jeffersonville Indiana are looking into the legality of this activity. Because many are wondering if hunting so close to downtown is a safe procedure. Additionally, city officials note, hunting is occurring on the water however, it is close enough to neighborhoods and homes that residents and other animals nearby hear the gunshots.

According to one longtime Jeffersonville Indiana resident, they have never seen a duck hunter so close to this part of the shore during their 40 years living in the area.

“I looked out, and I saw something bobbing in the river,” recalls the resident.

“I think it was last Sunday,” the witness recalls.

“Finally, they turned around, and I saw the motor on the back of it,” the statement continues. “So then, I realized it was some camouflage boat for hunting.”

Area Animals, Homeowners, And Pedestrians Are Affected By The Hunting On the Downtown Riverfront

Councilman Bill Burns recalls some complaints made to officials about this hunting. Burns notes that the resident was out “walking his dogs and he heard the gunshots that went off.”

According to the councilman, the resident’s dogs were frightened by the sound. Burns adds that pedestrians could also be at risk through this hunting activity.

“The concern is the residential and the people that visit and the walking bridges right there,” the councilmember explains.

“You know, hunters are pretty responsible people,” Burns adds. “But, you know, accidents do happen,” Burns said.

However, city officials aren’t sure that this hunting activity is illegal since the area includes both commercial and residential zoning.

“We haven’t done a lot of research,” Burns says “But based on what we have seen, it’s not illegal.”

The Jeffersonville City Council has contacted the city attorney to get to the bottom of it all. This attorney is scouring laws and rules regarding duck hunting along the Indiana river.

“We obviously don’t want to impede their rights to hunt or anything,” Burns relates. “But we just would like for them to be a little more friendly and not be right in the middle of downtown.”