Indiana Woman Dies After Being Trapped in Home During Flood

by Alex Falls

An elderly woman in Southeast Indiana died after her home and several others were washed away by severe flash flooding Saturday evening.

The torrential rain caused devasting flooding in the region. Some areas were hit with as much as nine inches of rain in a three-hour span. Water levels rose drastically causing torrents of water to rage through the streets tossing cars and trailers, and leaving roads completely unusable.

Fire officials reported the rushing waters most impacted the rural counties of Southeast Indiana. Several missing persons were reported in the chaotic aftermath. Fortunately, the majority of the missing people were found after an all-night search. However, one woman tragically lost her life.

Police first received reports at 4:30 pm that the elderly woman was trapped in her home as the flooding first broke out. First responders immediately deployed to the house. However, when they arrived they were unable to access the house due to the flooded roads that included blocked bridges and major debris.

It wasn’t until hours later first responders could finally reach the flooded neighborhood. By the time they had arrived, they discovered the home had been completely washed away by the flood waters. Along with one other home with a total of five missing residents. Including the deceased.

Over the next few hours, more and more reports of extensive flooding came in as families struggled to locate loved ones and family pets. Police restlessly continued their search through the night.

By 8 pm that evening, all missing people were found safe, with the exception of the aforementioned woman. She was not discovered until the next day when her home was found 5 miles downstream from where her home was originally.

The Destructive Aftermath of the Flooding

Police confirmed the victim to be a senior woman. However, they did not provide her identity. Family members of the deceased woman spoke to their local news anonymously and said they now searching for the victim’s belongings. Her things and pieces of her home became scattered all across the county in the ensuing flood waters.

Officials said that overall 20 homes were affected by the flash flood waters. Two homes, including the victim’s, were completely destroyed. Additionally, multiple roads and bridges sustained extensive damage. Leaving many of them unusable for days after the flooding.

“Several bridges are washed out,” said Chad Backus, Jefferson County road maintenance worker. “A couple of houses are still missing. There are cars everywhere and a lot of road damage. It’s going to be several weeks until everything is open.”

Officials have urged citizens to avoid the affected areas to allow authorities the ability to work unimpeded to repair the extensive damages to their communities. The area has a collective population of more than 10,000 people.