Jeep Tumbles Hundreds of Feet Off Colorado Mountain Road, Three Killed in Crash

by Emily Morgan

In a tragic accident, three people passed away after they were involved in a crash that took place in Ouray, Colorado, on Monday. According to Colorado State Patrol Trooper Joshua Lewis, the accident occurred on Monday between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Ouray County Road 361, located at milepost 3.

The road is known for being unpaved and marred by a steep drop, per Out There Colorado. The road is also often used to access Yankee Boy Basin and several other recreation areas. Locals refer to it as Camp Bird Road.

Moments before the accident occurred, someone driving a Jeep was traveling away from the mountain basins to which the road leads and north toward the Colorado town of Ouray.

For unclear reasons, the car drifted off the right side of the road. As a result, it catapulted off a cliff and plummeted several hundred feet. The driver was then ejected from the vehicle.

The victims involved in the crash were a 72-year-old man from Ouray, a 60-year-old woman passenger from Arizona, and a 28-year-old female passenger from Arizona. Once officials arrived on the scene, all three victims were declared deceased. Drugs, alcohol, or speed do not appear to have contributed to the crash.

Colorado authorities use drone to locate family’s lost dog

In a much happier story, Colorado authorities used a drone to help locate a family’s lost golden retriever. Before, the dog had been missing for several months.

The dog went missing earlier this year after she and her owner were in a car crash. The dog, Farah, reportedly fled the crash scene and had not been seen by her family since the accident.

On Sunday, in a last-ditch effort to find the dog, authorities launched a drone in the area where the crash occurred.

“Within minutes, deputies spotted her using the drone’s infrared camera,” said authorities in a social media post. “A short time later, Farah was reunited with her family. She is safely on her way home, and the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) team was able to practice some very valuable search and rescue techniques with our drone!”

Deadly crash occurs at National Monument

According to officials at the National Park Service, another fatal crash occurred at Colorado National Monument on Monday night, involving two 28-year-olds, one of whom died as a result.

On Monday night, someone placed a 911 call reporting the accident at the Grand Junction-area attraction.

Later, officials found a 28-year-old female deceased at the scene. In addition, a 28-year-old male was transported to a local hospital with injuries. Currently, the cause of the accident remains under investigation.

The accident occurred when the vehicle left Rim Rock Road near the Coke Ovens Overlook. Rim Rock Drive is a popular attraction at Colorado National Monument. It spans nearly 23 miles, with several of those miles surrounded by steep drops.