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Judge Sentences Jerks Who Broke Into Zoo, Attacked Giraffe With Bottle

by Brett Stayton
Giraffe Doing Giraffe Things
Photo by Arthur Morris/Getty Images

Two British men who broke into a zoo and smashed a bottle into a giraffe in February 2021 have finally been sentenced. 24-year-old Bradley Green and 21-year-old Nathan Daniels broke into the Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, England. They then threw a bottle at a giraffe named Ursula. The animal then crashed into a door during the incident and gashed up its leg pretty badly. Each man was sentenced to a 12-month community order that includes 120 hours of community service. They each must also pay the zoo more than $800 in compensation.

Sky News reports that the break-in happened on February 15th of 2021. That was at the height of the pandemic lockdowns. The two men acted in a “deplorable fashion” according to Judge Richards with the Winchester Crown Court. “You, Green, broke a door at the rear of the giraffe house. You threw the bucket and bottle of disinfectant into the enclosure and you threw something at the giraffe which we see from the video you took. It struck the giraffe on the neck. One of the giraffes had an injury to its left with two long gashes, which was discovered the next morning. It happened from the giraffe being distressed, knocking itself against the door.”

One of the main idiots in this story reportedly posted the video of him tormenting the giraffe to his Snapchat account. Authorities were quickly alerted after that. A police helicopter and armed officers responded, not knowing if the zoo animals were under a threat from the two invaders.

Both Men Plead Guilty As Their Lawyers Apologized

The two men cut a hole in the fence to enter the zoo. They also damaged the penguin enclosure in addition to breaking down the doors to the giraffe exhibit. The penguins reportedly remained startled with anxiety and distress the following day. They also threw a bottle of disinfectant and sticks and stones into the tiger enclosure.

Bradley Green plead guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and damaging the giraffe enclosure. Green’s lawyer said his client has deep regret and remorse for his actions. Nathan Daniels plead guilty to damaging the penguin enclosure and external fence surrounding the zoo. His lawyer said his behavior showed a severe lack of maturity.

A Zoo In the Czech Republic Fed A Giraffe To A Lion

Somehow these two clowns attacking a giraffe with a bottle isn’t even the craziest story about that species that’s made recent zoological headlines though. A zoo in the Czech Republic caused some serious outrage when they fed a dead giraffe to a lion.

Šárka Nováková, a spokeswoman for the zoo said they were simply following the laws of nature though. Had the giraffe died in the wild, it likely would have been scavenged by lions anyways.

“The giraffe first fell down, was breathing heavily, and did not get up again,” she said. “Everything pointed to heart failure. Due to the general condition, hypoxia, age, and stress of the animal, we proceeded to euthanize it.”

Despite some people online voicing their displeasure with the situation, other people chimed in and said the zoo’s decision was perfectly acceptable because at least none of the giraffe meat went to waste.