July Buck Moon: See the Most Stunning Pics of the Biggest Full Moon of 2022

by Jonathan Howard

It’s been quite the week for space! There’s a lot going on up in the sky. Like last night’s Buck Moon, the brightest and biggest of the year. When these supermoons come out, I always hope for clear skies and a nice night. Here in Kentucky, at least, that’s exactly what we got. A lot of other places around the United States and the world had some pretty amazing views of the astounding lunar event.

It was really a sight to see and if you weren’t able to or just missed it for whatever reason, I’m sorry. Because it was must-see. If you don’t believe me, just check out this photo below of the moon rising above Tahoma, or Rainier.

This Buck Moon was 30% brighter than a normal full moon and it looked to be about 17% larger than usual. That all led to some jaw-dropping visuals fro all over the world. From New York City to Milan, Glastonbury to Copenhagen and everywhere else pretty much. Humans have such a fascinating connection to the moon and on nights like last night, it isn’t hard to imagine why.

Check out this view from the Canary Islands that dazzled those on the ground below. The bright, yellow moon could guide you through the waters to the ocean if you needed it to. With the lighthouse next to it, the scene is something out of a movie or a nature documentary.

Buck Moon Shows All the Things the Night Has to Offer

What’s great about a nice, big full moon is that you can see so much that you would usually miss at night. Animals, bugs, perhaps even a flower or plant of some kind. When you are able to change your typical perspective, even a little bit, it can make all the difference.

The Buck Moon is also known as a Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. We have a strange way of naming things, and here you can think of some obvious reasons why this event would have names like this. It’s bright enough to spot bucks, which have grown their antlers out since spring, out in the middle of the night. And, if you’re hoping to get some hay raked, cut, or bailed – a nice bright moon will let you work late into the evening and get the job done, no headlights needed.

So, Outsiders, did you get a look at the Buck Moon? If you didn’t, then tonight’s moon will be a poor substitute. There are just some things that you can’t recreate and when the planets and things align just right, that’s something that no person can control. Maybe we’ll get another one next year for you to check out. For those that did catch the spectacle, how great was that? I can’t wait for the next supermoon.