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Kangaroo Spotted Hopping Through Central Missouri Town

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David Gray/Getty Images)

Residents of a central Missouri town were caught off guard by an unusual sight as they saw a kangaroo just hopping around the area. 

According to KMOV, the kangaroo was spotting hoping through a Jefferson County neighborhood last Sunday (December 11th). One of the neighborhood’s residents, named  Julia Hidemann, managed to take a video of the exotic animal just hanging out. Hidemann said it went up a few houses before hopping off into the woods.

It was reported that the kangaroo is named Rueben and it is from the Exotic Petting Zoo S and S Farms in High Ridge. Rueben, who is well-behaved, was gone for 45 minutes before being brought back to the farm. 

Missouri has specific rules for keeping exotic animals. A permit is required to own breed, transfer, or transport large carnivores. This is with the exemption of circus, University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine, zoological park part of a district under chapter 184 (Metropolitan districts and memorials), animal control or protection shelter for up to 90 days, and USDA Class C for grandfathered animals on 8/28/2010 if not used to attract trade to other business. Those traveling through the state if not exhibiting are also not required to have a permit. 

The owners of these animals must be 21 or older as well as not guilty of felony animal neglect or mistreatment in the prior 10 years. They must also have a $250,000 liability insurance, collect DNA samples, a veterinary care agreement, and microchipping of carnivores. “Large carnivores may be killed if chasing, injuring or killing a human, livestock, poultry, and when outside its enclosure, another mammalian animal,” the state declares. “Owners are liable for human injuries and deaths and property damage including animal injury or death.”

Missouri Trooper Previously Had to Capture a Loose Kangaroo on Rural Road in 2019 

In 2019, UPI reported that a Missouri State Highway Trooper took on a loose kangaroo on a rural road. He admitted that he initially thought the call was a joke. However, the incident was far from a joke. 

Trooper Huntley H. Hoemann responded to the scene, to which he encountered a kangaroo on a Franklin County road. The animal had been chased by some witnesses who pulled their car over. That was when the witnesses called in law enforcement. “I got a call from someone who saw a ‘roo hopping down the road. I didn’t believe it at first,” the officer explained. “It was just funny. I never thought I would have to chase a kangaroo. 

Come to find out that the kangaroo, which Hoemann placed in his patrol, was owned by a nearby resident. The owner revealed that the animal is an emotional support animal.