Kansas Game Wardens Arrest Poacher Who Took Down Trophy-Level Whitetail Deer

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Joe McDonald

Kansas Game Wardens recently arrested a hunter after they reportedly poached several whitetail deer. In addition, two of those allegedly met the trophy classification. According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife Game Wardens, during the week of Nov. 14, officials got a tip that warned of continuous deer poaching occurrences in Miami County.

After receiving the tip, wardens reported they acted quickly with the information. As a result, they interviewed and subsequently arrested a suspect for illegally killing multiple whitetail deer in the state.

Later, the KDWP reported that two of the illegally taken bucks met the trophy classification. They both had an inside spread of over 16 inches. Officials also said that the case remains under investigation.

Ohio court closes the case on one of the state’s ‘largest white-tailed deer commercialization’ incidents

Meanwhile, in Ohio, several poachers walked out of a court appearance this month with fines and orders to pay restitution totaling more than $70,000. In addition, their court costs reportedly totaled more than $6,700. Before, the Ohio Division of Wildlife said they were involved in one of the state’s “largest white-tailed deer commercialization cases, spanning four counties and two states.”

After a grueling investigation by Ohio wildlife enforcement officers with help from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, they could charge 14 defendants.

According to the division, the charges included “the illegal taking of deer, the selling of venison, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activities, grand theft, falsification, tampering with records, possession of untagged deer parts, hunting with an illegal implement and complicity to wildlife sales.”

In addition, the group lost their hunting privileges for a collective of 63 years. Moreover, an Ohio judge ordered one of the guilty parties to pay $20,000 in restitution. Another was also ordered to pay $13,000.

The wildlife division also reported that investigators seized more than 1,000 items during several searches conducted in February 2020. The evidence was venison, venison processing equipment, deer harvest records, deer mounts and antlers, and hunting implements. They also found a stolen rifle and illegally obtained firearm suppressors. All seized items were later given to the wildlife division.