Kentucky Floods: Intense Video Shows Rescue Team Save Family of 5 Trapped in Attic

by Emily Morgan

Brave first responders in Kentucky rescued five people trapped inside an attic as waters nearly submerged homes following unprecedented flooding in the state last week.

Although rescue efforts are far from over, the Wolfe County Search and Rescue recently shared a video of a successful operation over the weekend.

In the clip, viewers can see water techs onboard a raft while a Kentucky National Guard helicopter hovers above the roofs of homes barely standing above the brown floodwaters.

Rescuers broke through a window in the home to reach the trapped family in the attic. All five individuals were then removed from the house one at a time to the roof, where a guardsman helped hoist them up via helicopter.

According to a rescue official, one family member who came out unscathed was an 83-year-old woman.

In addition, a good samaritan in Kentucky found himself rescuing his neighbor’s grandchildren on Thursday following severe flooding.

That morning, Nathan Day was up early helping his son get ready for work when he received a message from a neighbor asking him to save her grandchildren from the floodwaters.

Day, a former coal miner, said he was unaware of what was happening in the state until he received the message saying the children needed help getting out of their house.

“I didn’t know what they was talking about, then I went outside,” Day told said in an interview. “You heard a lot of people screaming and begging for anyone to help.”

Day and his wife, who had no raft to use, so they waded through the water to help save the five children and two mothers stuck on the roof of their home.

Former Kentucky coal miner rescues neighbors, former teachers

“At 3 o’clock in the morning, I was in that water with my wife. I put a child under each arm and one around my neck and took them back to my house. The oldest child was holding a small dog,” Day said of the harrowing rescue.

After they rescued the children and the two women, he wasn’t done. He saved his former high school English teacher, Ella Prater, and his second-grade teacher, Irma Gayheart. The two lived close to him.

“I just kept pacing back and forth because I saw the water rising and I knew my two former teachers were probably trapped in their houses,” Day said. “It was heartbreaking.”

He then got three of his neighbors to help check on his teachers, who lived alone.

When they saw Prater, Day said they held her “by both side of her arms and never looked back. We said, ‘We have to go.'”

After a few minutes, Gayheart answered the door and told him she was okay. With his neighbors’ help, Day reunited both teachers with their families, who were waiting for any updates about them.

“These are two of the most special women you’ll meet in your life. And when they show you love, they show you true love. They truly care about everyone that’s around them and that stuck with me my whole life,” Day explained.