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Kentucky Magnet Fisherman Hauls In Grenade, Shuts Down Road

by Amy Myers
Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

On December 4, Kentucky authorities had to shut down a highway in Cadiz after a magnet fisherman found an intact grenade in Little River. According to Trigg County Police, the unexploded ordinance (UXO) appeared to be a 40 mm grenade.

Police closed South Road/Highway 139 between Main Street and Route 68/80 at the bridge for several hours so that they could safely destroy the grenade using an explosive device. The Fort Campbell Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group also arrived on the scene to assist in the destruction.

Not surprisingly, the incident ultimately caused a bit of panic among locals, warranting an official statement from the Cadiz Police Department as teams worked to remove the potential threat to public safety.

“Fort Campbell EOD is on scene, assisting in the removal of the device. They are working diligently to safely remove the device from the area. It is possible that the device will be ‘destroyed in place’ if it is determined it can’t be safely moved. The area EOD is working in is free of businesses and residences, so there is no need for any closures or evacuations,” CPD wrote.

Crews arrived on the scene at roughly 3:30 p.m. By 6:25 p.m., they safely removed the device and reopened the section of South Road.

Kentucky Locals Fear Following Explosion Was ‘Too Large’ For 40mm Grenade

Even after the fact, officials still sensed some apprehension among the public. After witnessing comments about the explosion being “too large to be the 40mm grenade,” CPD felt it necessary to further explain the removal process “dispel any rumors and to answer questions.”

“The grenade was not stable enough to be moved, due to its time in the water, so EOD decided it was best to ‘destroy in place.’ As a result, they placed their own explosive on the grenade, and set it off. That is why the explosion seemed more powerful than what a 40mm grenade should be,” the department wrote.

CPD thanked the Fort Campbell EOD and the unnamed fisherman who initially found the device, adding, “Contacting the police and allowing for proper disposal of the device kept everyone safe.”

Meanwhile, some locals feared that the grenade wasn’t the only one hiding in Little River or even surrounding waters. A few queried whether officials would be combing the waters to see if there were any others, but neither CPD nor TCPD has responded yet.

Others simply expressed their appreciation for the crews’ efforts.

“We appreciate your diligence in protecting our communities,” one citizen wrote.

“Thank you for keeping us safe,” agreed another.

And, of course, they couldn’t forget the stunned individual who found the device: “Thanks to the fisherman who found it.”