Lake Mead: Coroners Offer Major Update on Four Sets of Human Remains Discovered

by Emily Morgan

Investigators believe two of four sets of human remains found in Lake Mead could be from the same person. The grim discovery was made after the lake had historically low water levels, allowing officials to access parts of the lake that would have typically been inaccessible.

In May, authorities found bones and other fragments belonging to a male body found in a barrel. Officials revealed that the person had been shot in the head in the 1970s or 80s. Later, on May 7, investigators discovered remains from someone in the same area. As a result, officials took DNA samples.

In addition, the third set of remains was found on July 26 at Swim Beach at the Nevada lake. Then, investigators later found one final and fourth set in the same area.

While many are left wondering about who precisely the remains belonged to, identification of all the remains could take months, if not years. Additionally, according to experts, the DNA could potentially be untraceable.

At this time, Las Vegas police are combing their records of unsolved missing person cases in the area and have taken DNA from several families. Since the 1930s, around 300 people have drowned in Lake Mead. However, that number doesn’t include bodies that were never recovered.

In addition to human remains, as water levels have declined over the summer, authorities have discovered sunken boats, a World War II landing craft, and other items.

Man believes deceased father’s remains have been discovered, eager to give DNA

As a result of the discoveries, officials have speculated about the long-unsolved missing person and murder cases from years ago. Officials also believe that the area’s ties to organized crime may be correlated to the discoveries. Sin City is just a 30-minute drive from Lake Mead.

In addition, Todd Kolod, who currently lives in Spain, believes that set of remains is his father, Daniel. His father died at just 22 in a speedboat accident on the lake in 1958. Sadly, his body was never found.

Kolod, eager to learn whether his father’s human remains have been found, said that he has yet to be asked for DNA, although he hopes he can help solve the mystery.

The set included bones with missing teeth that appeared to align with a partial denture his father had in his mouth.

“With each clue, I always expect in my mind that it’s going to put us farther away from our goal, but consistently each clue is putting us closer, and this is like a bullseye,” Kolod told news reporters. Kolod hoped to identify his father by his teeth.

According to Kolod, he wants to give a DNA sample but has been frustrated at how long it’s taking. “The pace of being contacted about a DNA sample – I’m starting to lose hope a little bit,” he admitted. “Maybe this new finding lights something up.”