Lake Ontario Anglers Wrangle in Near 60-Inch Muskie While Fishing for Walleye

by Amy Myers

A New York father-daughter duo managed to reel in a monster muskie while fishing for walleye near their hometown of Watertown on Lake Ontario.

Bob and Stephanie Slater decided to take a trip with charter captain Gene Bolton of Sunken Treasure Fishing Charters onto Henderson Bay last month. Equipped with a walleye and muskie pro on board, there was no doubt that the pair would come home with an impressive story and lots of great photos, whether or not they decided to keep their catch. The Slaters prepared themselves to find a tasty walleye on their line (which averages at 14 inches by the way). Instead, though, they found themselves battling with a nearly 5-foot muskie that surely put up one hell of a fight.

Take a look at the massive muskie.

Bolton recalled the epic fishing conquest, noting that the muskie went for one of their walleye lures.

“We were at the end of our charter, and [the muskie] hammered a Flicker in the middle of our pattern,” Bolton told the Outdoor News.

For those less versed in the world of walleye, a Flicker Shad is a trolling lure that mimics the fleeing movement of a baitfish. They’re popular choices for Lake Ontario Anglers because, as these anglers experienced, they get results.

Anglers Had to Transport Muskie to Another Fishing Rod

Once the fish was on the line, though, the group soon ran into an issue – the flailing muskie managed to weave across some of the other lines in the water. Thanks to their guide’s quick thinking, though, the duo was able to regain control of the catch.

“[The muskie] tangled some lines up, and we had to untangle, cut, and re-tie [the fishing line] onto a different pole to be able to land it. It was quite the adventure,” Bolton continued.

With the fish on board, the duo was able to measure their muskie and bask in the glory of their well-fought victory.

On Facebook, Bolton shared his gratitude for the experience on his charter company’s page.

“What an absolute amazing fish!!! We were extremely fortunate and beyond Lucky to land this beautiful giant,” he gushed.

The New York Department of Environmental Control considers muskie a trophy fish and requires that Great Lakes anglers only keep fish measuring 56 inches and above. The Slaters could certainly have brought their muskie home, but ultimately, the group decided to revive and release their treasure back into Lake Ontario “to swim for years to come.”

Naturally, past customers and fellow anglers commended the father and daughter (as well as the captain) on their catch. Stephanie Slater, herself, joined the conversation and thanked Bolton for the memorable day with her dad.

“What an amazing day!!! Thanks again you guys!!!” she wrote.