Las Vegas Flooding: Watch Torrential Rains Pour Into Casinos, Sportsbooks

by Caitlin Berard

Despite their exceedingly dry home state, Nevada residents know to expect monsoon season between July and September. In a typical year, Las Vegas sees around 4 inches of rainfall. Now, certain areas of the country get this amount of rain in a month or even less. The Silver State, however, simply isn’t equipped for storms.

It takes less than an inch of rain to send the desert dry city into chaos. So when Las Vegas was hit with torrential rains and wind gusts of 55 mph on Thursday night, it wasn’t long before the Strip was flooded.

“It doesn’t take much rain to cause flash flooding problems in this part of the country. Especially when the rain comes down fast and furious,” explained AccuWeather Meteorologist Reneé Duff. “In Las Vegas, all it took was 0.29 of an inch of rain falling in an hour’s time to cause vehicles to become stranded in the streets on Thursday night.”

And cars becoming stranded in the streets were the least of Vegas’ problems. Buildings all along the famous Las Vegas Strip quickly filled with water, flooding many of its most iconic casinos. Those affected by the flooding include Caesar’s Palace and Circa Sportsbook, the latter of which you can see is filled with water in the video below.

Flood water gushed in through both the ceiling and walls as the building struggled to withstand the seemingly never-ending downpour. Cleanup crews rushed to repair the sports betting venue before the damage could worsen, using brooms and industrial mops to soak up the aftermath of the deluge.

Las Vegas Casino Owner Assures Gamblers His Venue is Open Amid Flooding

Las Vegas visitors and locals alike were astounded by the unusual flooding, many of whom took to social media to express their disbelief. Meanwhile, Circa Sportsbook owner Derek Stevens seemed wholly unfazed by the chaos.

On the contrary, he assured gamblers fearless enough to visit that the venue remained open despite the waterlogged walls. “A night we’ll never forget,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s Vegas. FYI we are open now and will be open tomorrow. I love Las Vegas.”