Last of 11 Escaped Cows in Kentucky Spotted After Weeks on the Run

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

Local authorities in Kentucky reported that the last of 11 cows that escaped from a truck in late October have now resurfaced.

The bovines were rounded up by authorities and volunteer cowboys. However, weeks later, one of the cows, a bull, remains on the loose.

The remaining cow was last caught on camera in the Castlewood Avenue area after the incident in October. However, it fled before it could be captured.

The Louisville Metro Police Department said the 11 cows were found running loose on the Cherokee Park golf course and the surrounding area on Oct. 21. The animals escaped from a truck that was struck by another vehicle on Interstate 64 earlier that day.

Security camera footage below details the lone cow’s trek through a busy Louisville intersection. In the video, the bull runs down a street, going nearly as fast as the cars around it. Then, a few moments later, we see multiple police cruisers driving down the street, chasing after the animal.

You can watch the viral clip below.

Louisville Metro Animal Services reports that the remaining animal, a bull, was spotted this past Sunday. Witnesses said the bull was seen in an area between Le Moo and Beargrass Creek.

Authorities reminded members of the public to call the police if they see the animal. They remind civilians not to attempt to capture the bull themselves.

Authorities Report the Last Remaining Cow Spotted Sunday

We’ll continue to track the last remaining cow in Kentucky. However, we don’t think the authorities in Kentucky will be working with the high-powered cattle-wrangling vehicles seen in this recent video posted to Instagram.

In the video, a group of cowboys drive these massive tractors while wrangling wild cattle. You’ll even see a few brave souls swooping in on small-craft helicopters while chasing down these huge bulls.

The video starts off in a Mad Max-style chase scene, as one huge bull gallops away. The bull tries to veer off, but the claw of the machine wraps around the neck of the bull, corralling it easily.

Then, multiple clips show these cattle corralled by these modified trucks. One of these clips shows a man operating the vehicle during a high-speed chase with a cigarette casually dangling from his mouth. He pulls a lever and reels in the bull, stopping the massive animal in its tracks.

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