‘Literal Cave House’ in Colorado Hits the Market for $2.45M

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Cody Harnish/Getty Images)

A cave house in Colorado has hit the market, and this is really something you have to see to believe. It’s giving bat-cave, hobbit-hole vibes. Zillow Gone Wild on Instagram calls it “the most literal cave house we’ve ever seen.” Because it’s literally a house built into a cave.

With 3,000 square feet, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, this is a paradise mansion if you’re a bat or a vampire. It’s been carved into the side of Iron Mountain near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It sits on 25.13 acres of land and it could be yours if you have a cool $2.45 million sitting around. Or you have persuasive vampire powers, in which case they’ll probably give it to you for free.

“The way it’s built, it’s nothing short of the eighth wonder of the world,” said Mike Henry, Integrated Mountain Group founder and director. His company managed to snag the one-of-a-kind listing. The previous owner has lived in the cave with his wife for over 40 years, and now they’re looking to downsize. They’re not into the cave lifestyle anymore, apparently.

“They’re selling it now because they’re in their golden years,” said Will Vannice, the representative agent for the listing.

Amazing Cave House Listed for Sale, Former Homeowner Has Interesting Backstory to Go With It

“Our client has a really cool back story,” said Mike Henry. “He went to Egypt and fasted for 40 days in a cave.” Was that trip the inspiration behind his cave house? According to Vannice, that’s not why the homeowner’s built this fantastical property. Apparently, the inspiration came from a book about Rocky Mountain caves. After inspiration struck, the couple moved from the east coast to Colorado in the 1970s.

The two learned all there was to know about spelunking. While they were on a tour of Colorado caves, they noticed this cliffside lot for sale. “The next thing you know, the owner had a license in explosive materials,” said Vannice. Apparently, the homeowner learned about blasting rock from a local mine. That’s how he started building his home. “He got aggressive and really got after it.”

The story behind the cave house is incredible. Apparently, the entire home was carved out by hand. This was a feat considering the homeowner was an accountant by trade. But, friends and family chipped in where they could, helping the couple and their son build their dream home in the cave.

Elevator Takes Guests Deep Into the Natural Cave Formation

The home is full of natural stalactites, but what really catches people’s eye is the four-person elevator that takes guests down into the cave formation. It travels 120 feet below the Earth’s surface into the living area of the home. The elevator came from an old dam in Ohio where it was installed. The listing doesn’t mention the elevator because it’s not technically certified. But, the homeowners have been using it every day for 40 years with no issues.

There are also 168 stairs that wind through the walls and up the side of the mountain. Not recommended if you have a fear of heights. The views from the wraparound deck are impeccable, though, and the cave home includes all the things you’d need to live comfortably. Just because you live in a cave doesn’t mean you have to rough it. At least not all the time. There’s a full kitchen, but sometimes you’ll get a bat or two. But, it also comes fully furnished. At least you won’t have to lug your boxes up 168 mountainside stairs.