LOOK: Coyote Wanders Into California Middle School, Gets Caught in a Bathroom Stall

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Dukas/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A California middle school received an unexpected visit on a Monday morning. A wild coyote found its way into the school building and then inside a bathroom stall.

Jurupa Unified’s Mission Middle School called the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) early Monday morning after spotting the animal on campus.

However, before the RCDAS officers arrived, the coyote hid in the bathroom stall. Most believe the young male to be around nine months old.

Apparently, this wasn’t the coyote’s first visit to the school. Staff members told the responding RCDAS officer, Will Luna, that they nicknamed the coyote “Wile E.” This is a reference to the classic character in the Road Runner cartoons. Reportedly, they’ve seen the animal around school grounds in the past few weeks.

Officer Luna captured the rescue of Wile E. from the middle school on video. The rescuer’s footage shows Luna finding the coyote cowering near a toilet. The animal seemed extremely scared.

“Oh, that’s not a pup; that’s a full-grown coyote,” Luna says in the clip. “Let’s get you out of here.”

In the video, Luna lassos the coyote and loads him into a truck. Then, they drive out to a rural area. The footage ends when Luna releases the coyote.

“It’s becoming more and more difficult to relocate them with all the development and new homes,” Luna says in the rescue video, which the RCDAS shared on YouTube.

No humans or animals were harmed during the incident, according to the RCDAS.

“We are pleased that this incident was smooth and all the children were OK and we were able to get the coyote back to its more natural habitat,” RCDAS Director Erin Gettis said in a statement.

Crazy Person Brushes a Wild Coyote with Comb

A TikToker posted an ill-advised video of them brushing a wild coyote with a comb.

In the video, the man repeatedly calls the coyote a “stray dog,” and claims he’s always wanted to rescue one. It appears that he’s joking and that he knows the creature is a coyote.

The coyote turns and flashes its teeth multiple times. Even so, the man continues brushing the coyotes fur.

Then, after being brushed for a few moments, the coyote scurries away and cowers against the wall of the house. The animal seems to be visibly shaken. One commenter reported to know the man personally and claimed the man has now adopted the critter, but that’s unverified.

@wo.ze.wo Convincing a coyote to be brushed #fyp #foryou #coyote #brush #funny #wholesome ♬ original sound – wo.ze.wo

Other users took to the comment section to react to the crazy video footage.

“Cute coyote… how did you get him to stay like that?” one person asked.

Another commenter suggested that the animal was hungry. “He probably wants food,” they wrote.

“The stray dog is so happy that’s he’s showing his teeth. I bet he feels so blessed,” another said.

“Playing a dangerous game,” another wrote.

“He was not smiling guy,” one person said, seeming to warn the poster.