LOOK: Massive Moose Freed From Fence by Connecticut Police

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Connecticut state police were called out on a unique rescue mission on Friday night. Officers received a call to rescue a massive moose that had become stuck on a fence.

According to Fox 61, the responding unit was sent to the Saville Dam in Barkhamsted. Once there, they were soon forced to also call on the Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department for help. The responding crews also saw assistance from EnCon police.

Based on photos, it appears as though the moose managed to impale itself on the fence. Miraculously though, the outlet reports the massive animal was able to walk away unharmed.

Detailing the save, EnCon Police said in a statement, “At face value, it appears the moose is impaled by the fence but in reality, he’s just stuck unable to get his rear legs over and his belly kept him from going backward.”

During the rescue, the volunteer fire company utilized the jaws of life to take a section of the fence down. What made the moose even more unique is that it’s missing one of its, admittedly funny-looking, antlers.

“We don’t know what happened to his other antler,” the police department continued in their statement. “We can only think maybe it got snapped off while fighting with another moose.”

Nosy Elk Observes Moose Fight From a Distance

If a moose rescue wasn’t enough excitement for you, footage that went viral online captured the moment two massive moose went head to head as an unlikely observer took in all of the action.

The below footage sees the male moose in a vicious fight in the foreground as a large, nosy bull elk watches in the background. Check out the insane clip below.

Viewers, taking to the comments, appeared to be as in awe of the fight as the bull elk in the background.

“This is so Awesome!!” one viewer wrote. Another pondered, “Has me wondering who would win between an Elk or Moose?”

Truthfully, at the time of writing, I had this same thought as well.

Other viewers suggested that perhaps the elk, amid peak rut season, had mistaken the moose for other elk. Standing at the top of the hill, it does almost look as though the bull wants to engage in the fight. Clearly, he’s not exactly eager to remove himself from the scene.

Regardless, at this time of year especially, it’s important for humans to keep increased distances between themselves and moose and elk. For both massive species of animals, September and October mark peak rut season. So that means that these already potentially dangerous animals become more easily provoked and agitated. As such, they will not hesitate to charge a human threat.