LOOK: Ohio State Park Builds Replica Bald Eagle Nest to Scale, And it’s Massive

by Taylor Cunningham
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An Ohio state park had a bald eagle’s nest built to scale to show visitors just how massive they are—and we’re impressed.

The nest, which is currently on display in Hueston Woods State Park, was donated by Hueston Woods Visitors Bureau and built by the Cincinnati Museum Center. Since its arrival, parkgoers and rangers have been using it as a photo op. The museum posted one of the pictures on Twitter, and it truly puts things into perspective.

As the post explains, the nest is 6-feet wide. According to Naturally North Idaho, that’s actually on the small side for most in the wild. A real bald eagle’s nest can range from four to ten feet in diameter and two to eight feet in depth. The birds build them 50 to 125 feet above the ground. So when people spot them, it’s hard to understand the magnitude.

Hueston Woods Naturalist Shawn Conner told The Register-Herald that people commonly ask the park staff members about nests. Because of that, he asked the Visitor’s Bureau for permission to commission a replica that is “as real as possible.”

“It was something else for people to see and do at the Nature Center,” he added. “We always try to add new things from time to time and to change things up and it was something new.”

The Bald Eagle’s Nest Was Crafted With Natural Branches

Conner helped the museum craft the piece from beginning to end, and it went on display in 2017. It has since been a welcome addition because several new eagles moved into the park recently, and visitors have been curious about their behavior, socialization, and habitat.

“We’ve had eagles nesting on the lake for six years,” he continued. “And that certainly got the idea in our heads. A lot of people do ask about those eagles. You can’t really get to or see the real eagle nest, so we thought of this as a good replacement for people to see.”

The outside of the nest looks identical to the real deal. But to keep people safe as they climb in and out, it’s reinforced with a steel frame. However, real branches are woven through. Inside, the builders added mesh netting.

The public has sung praises about the bald eagle’s nest on social media. However, Conner said that some people have been confused because it looks so real.

“The only real negative comments I saw at all were people who didn’t understand that it was a fake nest and thought we had taken an eagle nest out of a tree somewhere,” he shared. “Once we explained that to them, they were fine with it as well.”