Loose Goat Finally Wrangled in Nebraska After Evading Capture for Three Weeks

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Mark Rightmire/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images)

It’s been a game of cat and mouse with Nebraska law enforcement officials and animal control officers recently. Only this game has the animal control officials acting as the cats, and a wandering goat playing the role of the mouse. For weeks now, Nebraska officials have been working seemingly nonstop to corral the wayward goat. All as the sneaky animal regularly evades capture. However, the cat has finally won in this adventure as local animal control officials have finally captured the goat. Welcome news after the sneaky goat has wandered on its own in the great outdoors for weeks now.

Calls Reporting This Goat On The Loose Started Coming In Early November

According to Nebraska animal control officials, calls reporting the wayward goat started coming to authorities earlier this month. The Lincoln Animal Control officials reviewed the first few of these calls reporting the brown and white animal running loose throughout the area.

Since then the sneaky animal has expertly evaded capture, despite being spotted several times. Officials even recorded the moment that the animal climbed high into girders beneath a Nebraska bridge.

“We’ve been working to get it secured,” notes one of the Lincoln Nebraska animal control officers who have been tracking the goat down over the last couple of weeks.

“But they’re difficult to catch because they have four legs and we only have two,” the officer quips in a discussion with the Lincoln Journal Star. “So they’re a lot faster than us.”

The local officials shared their journey hunting down the slippery goat in a hilarious Facebook post. The ending of this clip which is hilariously highlighted with some intense “action movie” music depicts the moment the goat was finally caught by the officials.

According to the animal control officers who finally corralled the speedy goat, they were finally able to catch the animal by moving in on the goat’s own territory. A technique that eventually trapped the animal against a large building…unable to run away.

“We kind of moved in on his territory,” one animal control official notes.

“So he didn’t have anywhere to go because the building was to his back,” the statement adds. “And then we were able to secure him.”

There May Be More Than One Running Around The Area!

Now that authorities have captured the goat, the animal is being cared for at Nebraska’s Capital Humane Society. In the meantime, animal control officers will continue to try and identify the goat’s owner.

And, it seems this sneaky animal isn’t the only one of its kind hanging out in the area. A white goat was previously seen hanging out near Interstate 80 over the last few months. However, there haven’t been any sightings of this goat in recent days.