Lost Montana Hikers With Nothing But a Lighter Survived on Frog Legs Before Rescue

by Jonathan Howard

When the worst thing you can imagine happens, you gotta survive. These lost Montana hikers made it out alive by eating frog legs. Lasting as long as you can until rescue arrives is priority number one when you become lost in the outdoors. No one wants to be in that situation, but if you are there are ways to prepare, and then again, you will likely have to go off instinct.

Now, any good southerner will tell you just how dang good frog legs are. Folks risk trespassing to go gigging for big meaty frogs on the edge of ponds and other bodies of water. However, they are apparently a good source of protein and food when you are lost in Montana.

Lost Hikers Just Had a Lighter

Of course, the hikers also ate berries while they were stranded. Not bad pickings when you are in the middle of the woods. By the time the Two Bear Air Rescue made its way to the two, they had made it to the border of Idaho and Montana. They were nowhere close to where they intended to go.

One wrong turn is all it takes, and that’s what made this short hike a long battle. These hikers were so lucky. They didn’t have much gear, according to the Two Bear Air Rescue post on Facebook.

“They were unprepared to stay the night in the wilderness,” the statement read. “And their only survival gear was a lighter.”

With the lack of resources at their disposal, it really is amazing that they were able to last until they were rescued. Clearly, they knew what to do. They got a food source and waited it out. That’s about the best thing you can do in that situation.

Two Bear wanted to warn folks about the dangers of being stranded and what you need in order to give yourself the best chance at surviving. Having a lighter and a satellite phone are two essentials they listed.

“Whether it’s weather bear or terrain – Montana is wild! Bring your layers, bear spray and a reliable form of communication,” the rescue group said.

Montana is Bear Country

Making sure you are well-equipped is the difference between living and dying in the wild. Especially in bear country like Montana. Bear mace is a must and a bear minimum if you can forgive the pun. There are tons of stories about people being saved because they had the spray on hand.

Outsiders should know that you need to have the right pack in order to have a good time and, if needed, to survive for a night or two. You never know when an accident might happen, when you could get lost, or when you might need a lighter. It’s a toss-up in the wild. So, be ready.