Magnet Fisherman Pulls Up a Landmine Out of Michigan’s Flint River

by Jonathan Howard

In case you haven’t noticed, magnet fishing is all the rage online right now. One man recently pulled up a landmine from the Flint River in Michigan. The outdoors are full of secrets. If you didn’t know, magnet fishing is when you take a very strong magnet and run it through a body of water. Usually trying to scrape the bottom of the body of water in order to find things that have long since settled there.

There are all kinds of things that people find in waterways. From the country to the city folks find valuables, rare metals, old bullets, and in this case, an old landmine. There really is no shortage of what people have been able to haul out of their local fishing spots.

Landmine Triggers Response from Bomb Squad

This wasn’t just a little ole mine – if that even exists. Two magnet fishermen started to reel in their catch and it was unusually large. An M15 landmine. They look like a little clay pot, but they pack quite a punch. These mines were introduced in the Korean War and the military actually still has quite a few stored away.

The two fishermen called the local police in Lapeer. They sent out a bomb squad from a neighboring town in order to handle the situation.

“Member of the MSP Bomb Squad found that there were no explosives contained inside the device which resembled an M15 landmine,” a statement said. “The device was collected and retained by the MSP Bomb Squad for further investigation.”

Just when you think you might pull up an old gun or knife or maybe make a quick buck or two on something else – a surprise comes your way. There is no shortage of forgotten and thrown-away items.

Need A Sniper Rifle?

Just look on YouTube with a simple “magnet fishing” search and you’ll see 1,000 different things. Earlier this year, a man and his grandson went out on an expedition in order to do a little magnet fishing. They were absolutely shocked to pull up what they found. When you reel in 40 pounds of anything, you just know it’s going to be worthwhile.

By the time the rope was brought up, two Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifles were on the other end. That’s about $20,000 worth of guns right there. With each thing you see someone fish out of the water it makes you wonder what the story behind them is. Is it just an innocent story about losing something? Or, some grand conspiracy around the gun or the landmine?

With each new video and story I see, it makes me want to go get a magnet and a rope and go fishing myself. Who knows what might be at the bottom of the Ohio River?