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Maine Hunter Downs 9-Point Buck After Finding It Interlocked With Dead Deer

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: mikerogal via Getty Images)

Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts know that nature can present an endless number of unique situations. Even if you’ve been hunting a plot of land for most of your life, Mother Nature can still throw you a curve ball. That’s what happened to the Blanchette family on their annual deer hunting trip.

According to Bangor Daily News, the Blanchettes have been hunting at their camp in the Katahdin Iron Works area for over two decades. Many of them know the land like the backs of their hands. However, this year, Adam Blanchette got a surprise when he found a live deer with its antlers entangled with a long-dead buck. To make things stranger the battling pair were stuck to a tree.

Blanchette and his brother were hunting some familiar skidder roads where deer sign was prevalent. He was about to take a seat on a stump when something caught his eye. “Out of the corner of my eye, I catch something at ground level, flickering. It was almost like a fern,” he told BDN. “Then, 10 seconds later, it would move again.”

A Strange Find During a Deer Hunting Trip

Blanchette got closer and realized that the thing “flickering” at ground level was a kicking hoof. Then, he pulled up his rifle. “I looked through my scope and, sure enough, it’s a deer laying on its back. All I can see is it kicking its back leg up, then dropping it back down.”

Adam texted his brother telling him that he might be witnessing a deer dying before moving in. As he got closer, the hunter realized that there were a few too many legs for it to be a single deer. Upon closer inspection, he found that two deer had become entangled, fell, and became trapped when one of the bucks’ antlers slipped under the root of a spruce tree.  In the clearing around the bucks, evidence of their epic battle was clear.

“I can see that it’s two big, beautiful Maine Bucks, all entangled, locked up. One is facing down, the other is facing straight up in the air.”

Blanchette decided to shoot the deer. However, unlike most buck harvests, it wasn’t a moment of triumph. “I looked down at him and I said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I said it right out loud, and I shot him,” the hunter recalled. “It was bittersweet. It’s almost emotional. You feel bad.”

The Blanchettes quickly realized that the other deer had been dead for at least a day. It was already starting to bloat in the Maine sun. So, they couldn’t salvage any of the meat from that buck. However, the one that Adam harvested will go in the family freezer.

Additionally, Adam wants to mount the bucks in the same position he found them.