Maine Rafter Killed After Being Thrown Into Rapids

by Tia Bailey
Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A man was thrown into rapid waters while rafting in Maine. The man rafting with a guide, and died after the impact of being thrown off.

The man, 57-year-old Brian Breen, was rafting with his family with Magic Falls Rafting Company. The accident occurred this past Saturday, October 1. Mark Latti, a spokesperson for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, shared the details of what happened.

The raft was going down the Dead River when it hit rapids, which resulted in Breen and one other passenger being ejected from the raft.

According to the Miami Herald, the guide tried to save the two passengers, but the raft hit yet another rapid and everybody else on the raft when thrown into the water as well.

Other rafts in the area managed to rescue everyone. However, Breen was found unresponsive, and even after CPR, they were unable to revive him. He was then taken to a funeral home in the state. His cause of death has yet to be released.

According to the Miami Herald, an online Maine travel guide shared that the Dead River “has lots of thick vegetation which makes it more difficult to rescue swimmers and gear, and the average river width is 120 feet.”

Maine Resident Takes on Dangerous Moose Hunt

 Carrie Reed, a teacher from Ashland, Maine, decided to go on a backwoods moose hunt. Reed did so without any prior hunting or shooting experience.

According to Bangor Daily News, Reed had always wanted to do a moose hunt. When the state lottery for a hunting license opened up, she decided to enter. When she ended up winning on, she and her brother were shocked and excited.

“I guess I just always thought it would be cool to do, but I never anticipated getting one the first time,” she told the publication.

Her brother, Ben Lothrop, came with her, as he is an experienced hunter.

Although the group ended up not catching a moose, they still had a fun time. Reed shared that she mostly wanted to do it to spend time with her brother. The pair even wore shirts that read: “Sister/Brother Moose Hunt 2022. We’re hoping to kill a moose, not each other.”

“I guess I kind of did do it for him,” she said. “I knew he would enjoy it. He likes this kind of a hunt. Hunting is in our family.”

Moose Eats Jack O’Lanterns

A moose in Alaska was recently caught on video eating a family’s jack o-lanterns. The video was shared to Facebook with the caption: “MOOSE EATING PUMPKINS: Thanks to John Edward Tuck and his wife Billie from Anchorage, Alaska for sending us this video of a moose eating pumpkins.”

In the video, the moose can be seen going to town on the pumpkins, and it was a hilarious moment to catch on camera.